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Top 7 Seasonal Job Opportunities

Every year I raise the issue of seasonal holiday employment because I believe it meets a wide variety of needs.  First, most people need extra money around the holidays.  Even if you are a minimalist when it comes to Christmas giving, just entertaining family carries with it an added cost above your regular budget.  On top of that, most families like to engage in some extra activities during these special times.  Even taking out a a handful of people to the movies will cost you $50 to $75 (and that is with a modest snack bar budget).  Those with small children know how quickly money disappears when filling up your cart at Toys R Us and Wal-Mart.  The solution: a seasonal holiday job.  I should also mention that holiday, seasonal work is an excellent opportunity for high school and college students on their winter break.  


'Side Benefits' Of A Seasonal Job

Of course, there is the money from your seasonal part time or full time job,  but there may be other side benefits almost as valuable.  One benefit may be access to employee discounts.  If you end up working in a retail establishment you may be entitled to discounts of 30% or more.  This can be huge around the holidays.  In Central Florida, where I live, many people go to work for Walt Disney World for the holidays to get free theme park tickets, an invitation to special employee only events, and other unique opportunities that comes along with the extra paycheck.

Another interesting fact to note is that many seasonal jobs can become full time, year-round jobs. I hear stories regularly of individuals being offered full time jobs after working in a seasonal position.


Where To Look For A Seasonal Job

Any business that has a spike in customers during the holidays is a candidate for your job search. Listed below are the top 7 national businesses hiring seasonal workers this year.  Of course, based on where you live you may find other 'regional' opportunities related to tourism in your paricular area.


1. United Parcel Service

Here is an excerpt from a news story from last year related to UPS in just Louisville, KY -

"UPS is currently hiring approximately 1,000 seasonal employees in the Louisville area, with jobs starting at $20 an hour for full-time seasonal drivers. Driver helpers are also needed, with those jobs starting at $12.88 an hour. There’s also a need for part-time package handlers who work a few hours each day starting at $8.50 an hour. Both day and night-shift positions are available"

Of course, the pay and opportunity will vary from one city to the next, but this just gives you an idea of what positions are available.  For more details check out the UPS Job Website.

2. has already announced that it will be hiring 70,000 seasonal workers this year. Amazon now has distribution centers all throughout the country.  For more information and to apply, here is the Amazon Fulfillment Jobs Website.

 3. Toys 'R Us

Toys 'R Us will be increasing its seasonal workforce this year by 45,000.  They encourage applicants to begin applying now at the Toys 'R Us Jobs Website.

4.  Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is hiring 55,000 people this year.  Of course, you can always go down to your local Wal-Mart, but depending on your location, you may want to also consider a corporate facility as well. For more details, go to the Wal-Mart Jobs Website.

5.  Macy's

Macy's will be hiring 83,000 seasonal workers this year, between their retail stores and distribution facilities.  For more details, check out the Macy's Jobs Website.

 6.  Target

Target will be adding 70,000 workers.  Again, just like with most major retailers, there are jobs at retail stores and at corporate distribution centers.   For more information, go to the Target Jobs Website.

7.  Kohl's 

Kohl's will be adding 53,000 seasonal associates.  These are positions at their retail stores (no fulfillment center jobs as with some of the above).  For more information, go to the Kohl's Jobs Website.

Work From Home

Surprisingly, I found quite a few work from home seasonal job listings as well.  These are a little harder to find, but you can start your search by using Google and searching for 'seasonal telecommuniting jobs' or 'seasonal work from home jobs.'  Many of the jobs are offered through employment agencies.   You might also want to review a prior article I have written on the general topic of finding a work from home job.

Beware Of Scams

'Tis the season for scams and job related scams are no exception.  Don't pay for lists of jobs or pay anyone for a 'guaranteed' job placement.  These are age old scams that are around throughout the year and that includes the holiday season. I have no problem with the idea of contacting employment agencies, as many large firms do use them to screen applicants.  In the case of the companies listed in this article, all suggest that you apply directly either at a retail location or through their website.

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