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Profitable Sunrise - Exposing The Scam In New Book

Ponzimasters (1)I am excited to announce the release of my new book, Exposing The Ponzi Masters.  Many of you know that in February of 2013 this blog broke the story of the $100 million dollar worldwide scheme that had targeted the Christian community.  Now, the truth can finally be told about all that happened behind the scenes.  You see, Profitable Sunrise was much more than a twisted investment scheme, the marketing organization behind it operated like a cult. I went through an unbelievable personal and professional attack when I began exposing the scammers worldwide. I hope you enjoy the new book, and I invite you to participate in the conversation over at Twitter, using hashtag #profitablesunrise.

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How to read the book on your own computer, without the need to have a Kindle.

1.  Click here to get to the book's page on Amazon. 

2.  Place an order for the book.  If this is the first time you are ordering from Amazon, you will also be selecting a username and password for future use.

3.  After your order has been placed, go to  and you can then begin reading the book.  You can use this same procedure for any book available for Kindle on Amazon.


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