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Google is launching a new service called, 'Google Helpouts.' The service is designed to bring together experts and individuals seeking advice on a wide array of topics. The name is sort a spin-off from the highly popular 'Google Hangout' concept which provides a means of live video conferencing online. I love the idea of this new service and believe it will open up yet another huge benefit for Internet users and a new money making opportunity as well. How Can You Make Money From Google Helpouts Those providing advice through the service will earn 80% of the money collected via... Read more →

My youngest daughter shared with me a new website, I was intrigued by the incredibly deep discounts offered on a wide variety of merchandise. In fact, I ended up buying a $100 set of headphones for $22. There were other truly amazing deals to be had, including laptops for less than $200! After doing some research into this one site, I learned that there is a new category of websites emerging based on what are called 'Flash Sales.' What Is A Flash Sale? You've heard the term 'flash mob;' now there are 'flash sales.' I could not find one... Read more →

Over the years, has done numerous articles on the topic of credit repair. Here is a list of some of our most popular articles on this topic - Secured Credit Cards, The Magic Bullet For Raising Your Credit Score Credit Scoring Secrets - What They Don't Want You To Know How A Small Medical Bill Can Destroy Your Credit Three Secrets The Credit Industry Does Not Want You To Know Get Your Credit Report For Free. No Trials, No Scams, No Kidding The Fast Track To Rebuilding Your Credit After Foreclosure Or Bankruptcy Even for those that are not... Read more →

Obamacare: The Final Countdown

We are only 54 days away from the long anticipated launch of Obamacare. Although the program has quite a lot of critics, there are many people that will benefit from it. We have been receiving a lot of e mails from individuals interested in learning more about how to get the details for their state and how to enroll. Remember, all Americans are required to carry health insurance as of January 1, 2014 or face fines that will be collected by the IRS. Getting Started The primary website you will want to become acquainted with is HealthCare.Gov. The site has... Read more →