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Google is launching a new service called, 'Google Helpouts.'  The service is designed to bring together experts and individuals seeking advice on a wide array of topics.  The name is sort a spin-off from the highly popular 'Google Hangout' concept which provides a means of live video conferencing online.  I love the idea of this new service and believe it will open up yet another huge benefit for Internet users and a new money making opportunity as well.


How Can You Make Money From Google Helpouts

Those providing advice through the service will earn 80% of the money collected via Google Wallet (Google's online payment service).  Although the service has not launched yet, it is widely expected that the topics will range from technical support type issues to even topics such as health and nutrition; even music lessons that can be taught online.  This will represent yet another means for individuals to earn money working from home using the Internet.  The word is that Google will be doing background checks on providers, especially those giving out health related advice. 

Other Services That Pay Advice Givers

Google is frankly a little late to the party on this one, but will no doubt revolutionize the online advice business.  There are quite a few other services that have been up and running, in some cases for years.


Advice writers receive 100% of the income from the pages on which their articles appear (I am a part owner of this website).

2. Just Answer

Earn from $5 to $25 or more for answering questions.

3.  Ether

This service is marketed online, but the advice is given over the telephone.  Providers set their own hourly rate (or per minute or per call) and earn 85% of billing.

4.  Chegg

If you are a math or English wiz, this is a unique way to help kids (even college aged) with their homework and get paid.  Tutors receive 80% of the fees paid by their students.

5. WebAnswers

If your answer is chosen as the best to a given question, you earn a portion of the ad revenue from the page on which your answer appears.

 * Note that I have excluded those sites that were predominantly about fortune telling and psychic type services (which were quite a few).

Just think what new conveniences this will afford us all.  For example, today I have an appointment to see my doctor. What if I could just have the appointment online,  instead of it turning into a two hour ordeal (once the driving and waiting is factored in)?  This also represents an opportunity for those that are experts and want to make online consuting a part time or even a full time living.  In my own case, I will definitely be adding this as an additional stream of income to my financial tool bag.

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