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TiresIn the last three weeks our family ended up buying five tires.  My daughters needed a complete set of tires for the car that they share and I needed to replace one tire on my own car.  If you have not bought tires lately, they are expensive.  The one tire dealership I ended up at with my own car even offers financing.  I even know of some shops in Orlando that rent tires by the week (is there a redneck joke in here somewhere?).  For most cars, tires seem to start at about $100 each and then go up dramatically from there.  If you own a truck or a sports car, one single tire can cost well over $200.   There are, of course, all of the add on fees such as mounting, balancing, and alignment, etc... I queried my Facebook friends and one family is facing more than a $1,000 for tires that they need before their summer travels.

Our daughters got their tires through our local mechanic, and I was the second person in line when the tire dealership opened last week to buy my single tire.  They took more than an hour to put my tire on, but I got a very good education sitting in the lobby.  First, the guy running the front desk was an obvious scammer, and I sensed that from the minute I walked in.  Much of the time I listened as he quoted tire prices to people in the lobby and on the phone.  When their was a break in the action I asked him what the retail profit percentage was on a tire and he said it was less than 5% and that most of the money they made was on alignments and other services (oil changes, etc...).   That just did not sound right to me.  I also watched as he only quoted the lower priced tires when a customer was shopping him against the competition.

In this video you will see how one guy saved $65 on a set of four tires, got free shipping, and a 100,000 mile warranty as well (double the warranty he was going to get from a local tire dealer selling him more expensive tires).


I wrote an article last year on how to save 25% or more on auto repairs by purchasing auto parts online and then just paying for the mechanic to install them.  After getting home, I decided to go online and do some looking around to see if tires could be purchased online.  Yep, you guessed it, there are plenty of websites that sell tires. I paid about $100 for my one tire and my daughters paid about $115 each for the four tires they purchased.  In both cases, I found tires online for less than half of this.  Even after factoring in the shipping costs there would have been a savings of about $35 - $40 per tire.  Too bad I did not check into this beforehand.  It should also be noted that one of the sites listed below (Discount Tire Direct) offers free shipping.


The big question, though, was what would it cost to get tires mounted that were purchased online. I called my local Wal-Mart and they quoted me $10 to $15 per tire (I guess it varies a little based on the situation).  Keep in mind that in our situation the tires that we needed were on the lower end of the price spectrum.  Saving 50% on tires costing over $200 each would be a gigantic savings (trucks, sports cars, etc..).   Another surprise, you can buy tires online at and many come with free 2 day shipping for Amazon Prime members (who knew?). 

Discount Tires Direct


Tire Crazy

Wholesale Tires Online

The websites listed above all have simple drop down menus which allow you to match your car to tires that will fit your particular model.  You will find the big brand names and brands you have never heard of as well.  You can check the reviews as well to get a sense of the quality of the lesser known brands.  One last warning - spend the money to get an alignment.  If your tires are not aligned properly they won't last very long. 

If you have bought tires online, please use the comments section below to share your own experience and we can start a conversation.

Just received this and wanted to pass it along - 

Tires-Easy has been a trusted tire supplier for the United States since 2004. Striving to bring high quality tires with low cost, Tires-Easy has prided themselves on giving customers the ability to find the right tires to suit their needs. 
Tires-Easy shipping is handled via FedEx Ground - working hard to provide affordable, speedy shipping. Estimated delivery times and shipping rates are calculated based on the shipping address.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the tires you received, Tires-Easy has a 45-day refund/return policy. 

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