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Earlier this week I made a decision to discontinue my highly controversial website, ChristianChirp. The site was launched in October of 2009 in response to my suspension from Twitter. Yes, it is true that I was banned from tweeting for one week after supposedly violating their terms of service. You may not remember the story, but Rush Limbaugh was being denied a chance to invest in the St. Louis Rams franchise at the very same time that Michael Vick was being welcomed back into the NFL with open arms. "So, I guess being a conservative is worse than killing and... Read more →

Christian Crowdfunding - Money For Your Idea Or Project

I wrote an article in September of 2012 on Crowdfunding. Due to the growing popularity of the topic, I decided to revisit this subject with another article. It was just announced that Christian Filmmaker Darren Wilson raised $350,000 using Kickstarter for his next movie, Holy Ghost. I also became aware that a new Christian crowdfunding site made its debut - FaithLauncher. From their website - What is FaithLauncher? FaithLauncher is a social crowd funding platform for Christian Inspired Projects. Christian entrepreneurs, ministries, filmmakers, musicians, artists, entertainers, & other faith based projects. You can use FaithLauncher to build a project, engage... Read more →

I ran across an interesting website recently, Sky Pool. The idea is intriguing and offers a bonafide alternative to flying commercially. Imagine the convenience of owning your own small plane and being able to avoid the hassle of going through airport security, finding a parking spot, waiting for your flight time, and then the whole boarding and disembarking process... I get tired just thinking about it. The problem with owning a plane is, well, the cost of owning a plane. But, what if you could enjoy the convenience of flying privately without the cost of buying your own plane? Sky... Read more →

In the last three weeks our family ended up buying five tires. My daughters needed a complete set of tires for the car that they share and I needed to replace one tire on my own car. If you have not bought tires lately, they are expensive. The one tire dealership I ended up at with my own car even offers financing. I even know of some shops in Orlando that rent tires by the week (is there a redneck joke in here somewhere?). For most cars, tires seem to start at about $100 each and then go up dramatically... Read more →

Dave Ramsey is doling out dangerous advice on retirement planning? That is the charge made by Motley Fool blogger Brian Stoffel. The argument has spilled over to Twitter, where Dave has been engaging in a debate that has caught the attention of the financial media. Investment News even calls it a 'Twitter War.' Dave invited Stoffel to appear on his radio show on Tuesday to defend his article. It may be the only time you ever hear Dave this angry, so it was quite a unique moment to listen in to. You can hear the segment by going to Dave's... Read more →

Do You Have Tornado Insurance?

I thought the headline might get your attention, and as far as I know there is no such thing as 'tornado insurance.' Tornadoes are a hazard covered by a standard homeowner's insurance policy, but many people are ill prepared for a weather disaster such as what we saw recently in Oklahoma. Rule #1 Make Sure You Have Enough Insurance To Rebuild It is up to you to be sure that you have enough insurance in place to fully cover the loss of your home. If you recently purchased your home or refinanced, there is a good chance that your lender... Read more →