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Christian Crowdfunding - Money For Your Idea Or Project

I wrote an article in September of 2012 on Crowdfunding. Due to the growing popularity of the topic, I decided to revisit this subject with another article. It was just announced that Christian Filmmaker Darren Wilson raised $350,000 using Kickstarter for his next movie, Holy Ghost. I also became aware that a new Christian crowdfunding site made its debut - FaithLauncher.

From their website -

What is FaithLauncher?

FaithLauncher is a social crowd funding platform for Christian Inspired Projects. Christian entrepreneurs, ministries, filmmakers, musicians, artists, entertainers, & other faith based projects. You can use FaithLauncher to build a project, engage your supporters and see your funding goal reached.

What continues to fascinate me about crowdfunding is the high percentage sucess rate that most of these sites have.  On Kickstarter, 44% of the projects are funded! That is really a remarkable figure when you consider the fact that people are giving money to these projects. That's right, this is not a public stock offering. Backers are offered rewards such as signed copies of the finished book, their name being mentioned in the credits of a movie, or even being invited to a cast party.  Backers are not offered any financial participation in the project. Honestly, I would never have guessed that the success rate would be anywhere near 44%.

Sometimes Crowdfunding Is 'Investing' 

It should be noted that there are also crowdfunding sites that have just begun to launch that will be based on 'investing' and not giving. These sites are authorized through the JOBS Act which was passed last year. I wrote an article on how small businesses could raise capital by selling stock through crowdfunding in April of 2012.  Investment crowdfunding sites provide a platform for a small business owner to raise up to $1 million dollars.

Cool Video Below - 'Kickstarter School'


What I find especially exciting about the start of FaithLauncher is the Christian focus of the site.  In fact, we are going to book someone from their organization to appear on our Sunday night call in show.  In the case of the movie Holy Ghost, they received their funding through the secular portal of Kickstarter. We will have to see how this all shakes out and whether Christians will be drawn to FaithLauncher or just stick with sites like Kickstarter. 


Interesting books available through Amazon on crowdfunding -

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If you have raised money using crowdfunding, I would love to read your story.  Please use the comments section below to share your experience and we can start a conversation.

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