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I have been hearing rumblings over the past couple of years that online grocery shopping was about to become a very big deal. For the most part, I really don't enjoy grocery shopping and have become interested in the topic as a means of saving time. After thinking it through, however, I thought it might also end up making meal planning easier and as a result save money (even if the prices were the same). The other thing that we know to be true is that once something becomes available for Internet purchase the price usually comes down dramatically due... Read more →

Obamacare Is Here - How To Make The Most Of Your Options

The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act was passed into law in March of 2010. Known as Obamacare, the new healthcare system is being phased in as of October of this year. So called health insurance exchanges will also go live in October. The state exchanges will provide a competitive marketplace for private insurance companies to compete. The exchanges will provide options for both individuals and small businesses. Guaranteed Issue One of the most profound changes to our health insurance system is the promise of guaranteed issue. This means that individuals of the same age and geographic location will be... Read more →

It is truly ground breaking law, and I am proud that it is my own cousin Tom Paris making the case. Imagine finding out at the age of sixty that the man you have always known to be your father is not. Add insult to injury when your father's new wife cuts you out of his Will. The case, Dehart v. Dehart, went all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court, and after six years the adopted son wins the right to challenge his father's second wife in court over the estate. The case reads like a novel and has... Read more →

Save More Than A $1,000 Per Year By Dropping Cable TV

Among my most popular articles over the last couple of years are those related to dropping cable TV. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching TV and cable has been a really good option for a number of years that has provided us a growing list of viewing options. What has happened, however, is that with that growing list of options has come a larger and larger monthly bill. Basic no frills cable is now $50 - $60 monthly in most areas. If you want access to the premium channels, you can easily end up with a bill of more... Read more →

Making Sense Of The Bi-Weekly Mortgage

The concept has been around for decades and still comes up as a frequent question on our website and at workshops: Does it make sense to structure your mortgage payments through a bi-weekly payment program? For those unfamiliar with the concept, a bi-weekly mortgage plan requires a payment every two weeks of half the monthly amount. Since some months have five weeks, you will end up paying the equivalent of an extra full mortgage payment once per year. The math is solid and paying your mortgage this way will cut off seven years of payments! What Is Even Better Than... Read more →