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Your teenage daughter may love Justin Bieber, but is his new prepaid debit card for teens a good financial move? The entertainment business is changing and artists like Bieber are tapping into new sources of income. Product endorsements, such as the one Bieber struck with SpendSmart (a prepaid debit card marketed to teens), are becoming more and more commonplace. Celebrity endorsed credit cards are not new. In recent years, Usher as well as the Kardashians have had their own branded credit cards, but both were unsuccessful. The SpendSmart site will feature a series of videos from Bieber offering advice on... Read more →

In this episode - An update on Profitable Sunrise, the worldwide Ponzi scheme that has been shut down by regulators. The value of Bitcoin continues to rise after recovering from a recent crash. How to protect yourself from online identity theft, and when does it make sense to get dump your old car and buy a new one? Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Click here to download… Read more →

Are The Midwest Floods A Warning For Us All?

With every house I financed in Florida, came the requirement from the lender that I purchase flood insurance. I really had little idea what flood insurance was or why I needed it when I bought my first home back in the mid 1980’s. If you have been following the news in recent weeks, you no doubt are aware of the flooding in the midwest. Mortgage lenders regularly rely on government statistics and 100 year flood zone maps in making the decision on whether to require a borrower to maintain this insurance. The frequency and magnitude of the flooding in the... Read more →

How To Buy A Home After Foreclosure

Thousands of individuals are returning to the real estate market as home buyers after having lost a home to foreclosure in recent years. They are called 'boomerang buyers' and are one of the largest factors responsible for the recovery we are starting to see in home prices. In fact, we have started to receive so many questions on the topic of buying a home after foreclosure, I decided an article dedicated to the topic was in order. How long do I have to wait after foreclosure to get a mortgage again? Many are surprised to learn that in just two... Read more →

In this episode - Is there an Alex Jones conspiracy to crash the Bitcoin? You might be surprised to learn who one of the largest holders of Bitcoin is? An update on the suspension of trading of the Bitcoin this week, and is a Bitcoin exchange traded fund coming soon? Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Click here to download… Read more →

Why Renting Can Be A Better Decision Than Buying A Home

There are many financial "traditions" that we all simply accept as true. One of the things I have done as a financial writer is to question many of these traditions to see how valid they really are today. This article will attempt to address the dozens of emails that I receive every month on the question of whether or not it is better to rent or buy a home. Right now, with the millions of empty homes on the market, rent is cheap. I would not venture out and even consider buying a home unless you have a minimum of... Read more →

Bitcoins: The Hot New Digital Currency

Last summer I started hearing quite a lot of buzz about a digital currency called Bitcoins. Ultimately, my research led me to the decision to purchase a small amount of Bitcoins. I made my purchase when Bitcoins were valued at just $12. Today, while writing this article, the value has jumped to more than $100. I did not make my purchase as an "investment" but am very excited to see this dramatic rise in value. What are Bitcoins? Bitcoins are a digital currency that is decentralized, meaning that there is no controlling entity or government involved. The currency got its... Read more →