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I have reached the point recently that the size of my wallet has reached critical mass. No, it is not loaded with money but reward cards. I love rewards cards. One of my favorite grocery stores offer very generous discounts and even has a feature allowing members to earn up to 50 cents off per gallon of gas.  As more and more retailers offer reward cards, it presents a real problem figuring out how to carry them around. The solution; a virtual wallet.


There are quite a lot of virtual wallet apps available for your smart phone device.  This article will focus on the Lemon wallet.


After scanning in your rewards cards, you can simply pull them up in your app and they can be scanned right from your smart phone screen.  Another great feature is the ability to scan in copies of your credit cards.  While you won't be able to make a transaction from the scanned copy of your card, it makes an excellent emergency back up copy. Can you imagine the headache of losing your wallet and having to pull together all of the phone numbers needed to cancel your cards?  Lastly, you can use the app to scan in receipts, which makes expense tracking a breeze. This would be especially handy for business travel.


One of the concerns I had was security.  If I am storing copies of all of my credit cards on my iPhone, what if I lose my phone?  The app is locked and password protected. There is also the option of unlinking your account from the phone with your online account if you lose your phone.

The Lemon wallet basic app is free, but for $5 monthly you can tap into additional features, such as digital integration with your credit card accounts (allowing you to directly track transactions and your balance from the app).

I really believe this is the wave of the future as most people will simply not have the space to store physical cards as more and more stores offer them.  If you have used a digital wallet, please use the comments section below to share your experience and we can start a conversation.

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