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Bartering: The New Money?

Bartering, a centuries old practice, is making a big comeback. My wife enjoys a free health club membership in exchange for providing singing lessons to the daughter of a personal trainer. In my own case, my membership and private lessons at a local Tae Kwon Do school are at no cost in exchange for me helping the school with their Internet marketing. These are just a couple of examples of how my own family is benefiting from bartering. What's more, in both cases, the other party approached us with the idea. Finding Local Barter Opportunities Craigslist has a notable barter... Read more →

Profitable Sunrise - Jim Paris Investigation In his ongoing investigation of Profitable Sunrise, Jim Paris brings on the program Lynn Edgington a fraud investigator with Eagle Research . More shocking information about Profitable Sunrise, its promoters, and the shadowy past of many of those involved. Read more →

Turn A Spare Bedroom Into A Monthly Cash Flow

Many people in this economy have made the decision to rent out a spare bedroom to help cover their mortgage and living expenses. I remember, while growing up in Chicago, that my grandparents seemed to always have at least one 'boarder' in their home. Many of these people became part of the family and they stayed in touch with them for years. While this arrangement may not be for everyone, renting out a spare bedroom can produce several hundred dollars per month in extra income and can really make a big difference in your personal financial picture. How Much Is... Read more →

Good News For Profitable Sunrise Investors? Nancy Jo Frazer and co-defendants admit to violating Ohio Law and agree to a financial settlement of $108,000. Details Here. Update January 16, 2015 - Highly Unusual Developments In Trial Update August 28, 2014 - Nancy Frazer Subject Of Illinois Order Update July 2, 2014 Frazer Trial Postponed To Feb 2015 Update Jan 27, 2014 Ohio Trial Of Nancy Jo Frazer Set To Begin On Sept 15, 2014 Kansas Lawsuit Against Nancy Jo Frazer Dismissed Profitable Sunrise Gang Threaten Blogger - Stop Writing Articles On Us Or Else Nancy Jo Frazer Faces Tough Questions... Read more →

2017 Update - I am turning 52 on Monday January 23, so it is time for my day of free birthday meals! The list of free birthday meals in this article is by no means 100% complete. You may find many local restaurants (not chains) that offer a free birthday meal. Also, since I live in Florida, there be be chains in other regions of the country that I have not listed here. What is becoming more and more the standard is that you need to be signed up in advance through the restaurant's website and receive your free meal... Read more →