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Free Birthday Meals - The 2017 Update

2017 Update - I am turning 52 on Monday January 23, so it is time for my day of free birthday meals! The list of free birthday meals in this article is by no means 100% complete. You may find many local restaurants (not chains) that offer a free birthday meal. Also, since I live in Florida, there be be chains in other regions of the country that I have not listed here. What is becoming more and more the standard is that you need to be signed up in advance through the restaurant's website and receive your free meal voucher by e mail. There are still those chains that don't require this, just walk in and claim your free meal (most notably Denny's and Firehouse Subs).


In my own case, I have found that my spam filter will often move these to my spam folder. So be sure to keep a close eye out for these vouchers. If you don't get your voucher, reach out to the restaurant through their website and they will resend it to you. Typically the e mails start coming about a week before your birthday. As noted below, many times you have a window of several days to claim your free mail, so you don't have to gorge yourself on the actual day of your birthday!

My Actual Free Past Birthday Meals

1.  Denny's - Just show up and bring your driver's license.  You are no longer limited to the Breakfast Slam, you can build your own breakfast selecting any four items from the breakfast menu.

2.  Firehouse Subs -  No need to pre-register, just bring your driver's license and get a free medium sized sub.

3.  IHOP - Go to their website and join their free club and you will receive a certificate good for a Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity or any entree of equal or lesser value for free.

4.  Moe's Southwest Grill- Go to their website and join their free club and get a certificate good for a complete dinner entree'.  Welcome to Moes!

5. Benihana's -  Go to their website and join their free club and receive a certificate good for a Free dinner Monday through Thursday (holidays excluded).  This was my favorite this year, what a meal!

6.  Shula's Steakhouse -  Join their free club and get a certificate for a free dinner when you buy a dinner (buy one get one free deal).

7. Ruby Tuesday - A free birthday burger and fries or garden bar entree. Another one that requires that you are signed up for their e mail list in advance.

(Original article) Jan 2012

I love free stuff.  For me it is more about the challenge than even the actual saving of the money.  I decided this year for my birthday to see how many free meals I could cash in on.


Most people already know about the free Denny's breakfast on your birthday, that is how I started my day in search of free meals.  The 'Breakfast Slam' is still free and there is nothing more involved than simply showing up and displaying  your driver's license.


This is where my research began paying off.  I was off to Firehouse Subs for my free submarine sandwich.  I was supposed to be able to get one medium Celebrity Sub just for showing my driver's license.  The deal was even better than that, I could order any medium sub I wanted from the menu.  No hassle, and it was exactly as advertised.


Moe's Southwestern Grill offered a free birthday entree but you must get the coupon from their website by joining their e mail list (free).  So, this step had to be done the day before to get my coupon.  The great thing about these dinner coupons (and I have more to share with you) is that you don't have to use them right on your birthday. For example, the Moe's birthday entree was good for up to one week.

Meals For Later This Week:

Ruby Tuesday's sent me a free birthday burger and fries coupon good for 2 weeks.  All I had to do was to sign up for their e mail list.

IHOP sent me a free breakfast coupon good for two weeks.  This is a complete breakfast with pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs!  Yep, totally free.  I simply joined their e mail list.

Benihana sent me a $30 gift certificate that is good for about 3 weeks.  The only restriction on this is that it must be used on a Monday through Thursday and can not be used on a holiday.  Again, all I had to do was to sign up for their e Mail list.

I am still waiting on my Steak 'N Shake birthday coupon for a cheeseburger and fries. For some reason that one has not shown up and am I quite upset about it as I love this place.  Oh, well... I signed up for their e mail list but still have not received anything (even checked my spam folder and still nothing). (Update: I did get it after contacting them through their website)

Free Medieval Times Ticket

Medieval Times will give you a free adult ticket to their dinner show on your birthday. Just join their e mail list.  After my day of overeating I simply could not sit through a jousting match so I passed on this one.

Added to list:

Red Robin - Free burger, just join their loyalty club (Red Card, no cost).

Finding Other Deals

It takes a little bit of research as there are plenty of deals out there. Doing a few Google searches will get you to quite a few great sites with lists.  The problem that I found is that many of these lists are not really up to date. You should get the details from the corporate websites directly and it doesn't hurt to call to the actual location to be sure they will honor the coupon.  There are a lot of what I consider to be tiny birthday deals, such as a free scoop of ice cream with the purchase of a dinner, etc...  I did not consider any of those worth listing here or pursuing.  My advice to corporate America is to think big when it comes to free stuff for birthdays (my inner child speaking here).

I really had a lot of fun on my birthday in search of free birthday meals.  Let's make this the official web page of record for those looking for birthday freebies.   Please use the comments section below to share your own favorites.  Be sure and bookmark this page and send out the link to your friends and family on their birthdays as well.

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