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HotelbookingThe hotel market today works just like the stock market or a live auction. With thousands of websites and apps, consumers can quickly do side by side comparisons. This keeps the hotel marketplace as dynamic as the stock market.  One new element to this whole equation has now been added to the fray - the same day hotel market. The idea is simple; if you are willing to wait to book until the same day you need a hotel, you can enter into a whole new segment of the hotel market. has a free app for mobile devices called 'Hotels Pro' that allows consumers to shop for same day deals.  What is unique about Priceline's same day hotel shopping application is that they only make it available on mobile devices and not on their website.  I guess these deals are so good that only those that are truly on the go should be able to access them.  Another similar app is called Hotel Tonight, which I wrote about a few months ago. Just like with Priceline, the Hotel Tonight same day deals can only be accessed from a mobile device. Another very nice app is Hotel Deals from (see video above).

Based on your plans, it may not be practical to book your hotels this way but when you have the opportunity to book at the last minute this seems to be the way to go for the absolutely best deals.

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