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How To Use The Internet To Find Amazing Deals, Free e Books, And Online Coupons

The Internet has given consumers the power to comparison shop and find the best deal with just a few key strokes on a computer keyboard.  With so many different comparison shopping engines,  it can become overwhelming.

An Interesting thing happened a few months ago when I was doing some online shopping using Amazon.  After I found what I believed to be the best deal, I used the shopping tab at Google to comparison shop for the same item.  Not only did I find a lower price on a similar item, but the link took me back to!  I want to be clear that I was not able to find the exact same item for less but a very similar product that I was happy to go with (at a lower price).   I was puzzled why I did not see this item when I was shopping directly on Amazon's site.  I thought this may have been an anomaly, but I have had similar experiences multiple times since initially discovering this.


A New Way To Shop At

Maybe a simple answer is that when Amazon is faced with competing in a large comparison shopping engine such as Google Shopping, they display more competitively priced items (my speculation). Just this last week I stumbled across a website called Jungle Search.  The site provides a very powerful search engine to use to shop  It allows for price limits and other sorting options not possible through a direct search.

The Google Shopping Tab

Many people don't realize it but Google has a comparison shopping search engine.  It used to be called Froogle.  I have occasionally had success with the Google shopping tab (as outline above), but I have also found it to be a little clunky.  For example, I have had multiple situations where the lowest price deal was not actually available after clicking on it.  I still use the Google shopping tab but I have found some more efficient options that I will outline next.


Price Grabber really presents an amazing comparison shopping portal.  I love how easy it is to use and consider my number one option when needing to do an Internet wide price comparison. PriceGrabber has an easier to digest results, making simple to come to a decision on a purchase. What I like about PriceGrabber is the accuracy of results along with the very competitive prices.  It can be frustrating sorting through listings that are not up to date or on the click-through, the product is no longer available (or at that price).  PriceGrabber also makes it easy to find product that are offering rebates as well.  


The Complete List Of Major Comparison Shopping Engines

Grocery Coupons Automatically e Mailed To You

While researching this article on shopping engines, I ran across a fantastic site for grocery coupons.  Register at and input your shopping list and they will automatically e mail you matching coupons.  They also provide you with the option to search for printable coupons on your own.   More sources of online coupons and coupon codes.

Free e Books?

If you are a fan of e Books, you may not know that there are millions of free e Books.  Many times a new e Book will be initially offered for free as a promotion.  The problem is that it can be difficult many times to find these free e Books.  Twitter is a great source of free e Books.  Search for #freebook and you will find an ongoing stream of offerings.  Amazon does not provide an easy way to find free alternatives directly on their site, but this is where Jungle Search comes in.  Select books from the left column, set the price range from 0 to 0.  Lastly, type in your topic and pages of free e Books come up to choose from.  If you have a Kindle, this is really a goldmine!



I don't know that there is a number one comparison shopping engine.  There are most likely far too many variables to consider to pick just one as the best.  Since it only takes a few seconds to do an online shopping comparison, I would recommend using several to see what you uncover.  If I am spending more than $50 on an item I will always check the prices from at least three sources to see what my options are.  If there is a minimal difference in price I will likely default to a company that I already have an account with.  I have found this exercise to be very fruitful and a five to ten minutes of comparison will pay off in consistent savings.  By the way, most of these sites also offer a mobile app that is great to use when you are in need of a price check while away from your desktop computer.

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