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In this episode - how to find lost and unclaimed funds. There is now more than $32 billion in lost money and you can do a free search to find out if any of it belongs to you. Make money teaching English without a college degree. The latest credit card scam that is so sophisticated it might just fool even the most shrewd consumer. Why Mitt Romney is lagging in the polls and what he can do to turn things around. Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Click here to download… Helping you make the most... Read more →

I continue to strive to make this blog not just another source of generic financial information, but one that will provide unique opportunities and a different perspective than what you will find anywhere else. Many of you know that one theme I have been stuck on for years is the idea that most people need additional income to address their financial problems. I am all for cthe various budget systems and ideas and strategies for saving money too. It is just that I don't see the income side of the equation being addressed very often, especially within Christian circles. Today,... Read more →

After living in Florida for about ten years, I moved with my family to Dallas, TX. We lived in Dallas for about four years. A few years after returning to Florida I decided it would be smart to check the lost money website for the state of Texas. I was shocked that I initially found several hundred dollars I was owed. Every few weeks I checked the site again, and over about a two year period I uncovered more than $3,000. I also found more than $1,000 that was at the State of Florida website that I guess became 'lost'... Read more →

The Internet has given consumers the power to comparison shop and find the best deal with just a few key strokes on a computer keyboard. With so many different comparison shopping engines, it can become overwhelming. An Interesting thing happened a few months ago when I was doing some online shopping using Amazon. After I found what I believed to be the best deal, I used the shopping tab at Google to comparison shop for the same item. Not only did I find a lower price on a similar item, but the link took me back to! I want... Read more →

Do you want to publish a book, film a documentary, or record an album? A new way of raising money has hit the Internet. Earlier this year I wrote an article about a new law that will allow small business owners to raise capital without the large amount of red tape historically involved with such an undertaking. Of course, raising capital typically means giving up a portion of the ownership of your enterprise to investors. There is a new way to raise money for a specific project that still leaves you the 100 percent owner of the final product. The... Read more →