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4 Great New Websites For Hotel Bargain Hunters

Most families planning a summer vacation are on a tight budget.  There are some lesser known websites that can really pack a punch when it comes to saving money on hotels. You don't have to end up at a 2 star hotel to save a few bucks.  Listed below are some great new online tools that make getting a great rate on a hotel room easier than ever.


Deal Angel


Deal Angel  is a very easy to use interface and has one feature that I really like.  They provide you with a general overview of the going rate for hotels in most major cities. This gives you a general idea of what a 'good deal' really is.  I think this is one the biggest challenges when traveling to an unfamiliar city. If you don't know what the pricing landscape is on hotels, it is really hard to know when you see a good rate.  Deal Angel says that their focus is on helping consumers find the best 'value' for their hotel dollar (hotels offering the most for the least cost).  I really love their design, especially the tab that takes you directly to deals under $100.  So easy a caveman could use the site (woops, sorry Geico).  



Tingo has a very unique feature that makes it almost irresistible for deal hunters like me. They offer many of the standard searching features for hotel rooms but with a twist. Tingo will automatically monitor the going rate at that hotel and then rebook you at the lower rate and refund you the difference. 


Hotel Tonight


Hotel Tonight bills their site as your best option if you are a last minute planner.  As the name implies, if you need a 'hotel tonight' they are your best option for finding that last minute deal. Hotel Tonight does not offer online shopping via its website but does so through free apps that can be used with your mobile device.  What I really love about the app is that it identifies your location and starts bringing up deals automatically. 



GuestMob is adding a spin to online hotel shopping.  Many popular hotel booking sites don't reveal the name of the actual hotel until after you book. You can get some general info and the star rating, but Guest Mob is taking this idea in a new direction.  Guest Mob lets you pick from a group of hotels that are all in the same proximity with the same general price and quality ratings.   These groups are called 'collections.'  You agree to a specific rate that would apply at a handful of hotels that are completely revealed to you.  In the end, GuestMob decides which hotel in the collection to book you at.  I really love this idea since it is far more transparent than the other guys that won't tell you what is behind 'door number 3' until you have made your purchase.



I have reached the point in my life that I am just not willing to stay in dumps when I travel.  In the early days of my business I had no choice and stayed in some downright low quality and unsafe hotels on many occasions.  Today, my hotel shopping is more about grabbing a four or five star property for a three star rate.  The search tools I have covered in this article are all sites I will definitely be adding to my arsenal when shopping for hotels in the future.

Do you have a hotel shopping website you would like to recommend or you own strategy to save money on hotel bookings?  Please use the space below to share you comments.

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