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The New Credit Scoring Formula

While many types of lending such as auto loans and credit cards have opened up in recent years, one area of lending seems to still be in a deep freeze; mortgage loans. The problem? The average American's credit score is currently about 100 points short of where it needs to be to get approved for a mortgage. The New Credit Scoring System A new credit scoring formula developed by Fair Isaac is being currently tested by a couple of dozens banks. No one knows how many banks may begin to accept the new scoring algorithm, but it is interesting to... Read more →

How To Use The Internet To Find Cruise Bargains

I have been on a number of cruises over the years and have really enjoyed them. Honestly, though, after about three days I am ready to get off the ship. I really do like the 'all enclusive' proposition of a cruise as food and many activities are included in your fare. In today's article I will be sharing with you some strategies on how to use the Internet to find cruise deals. Let me start by pointing out that this is one area of travel that you may be able to get an even better deal with a travel agent... Read more →

How To Find Super Cheap Airfare Deals Online

If you follow my blog, you know that I love saving money. When it comes to travel, the one area that is elusive to many people is capturing that perfect discount airfare. It is really amazing the large range of prices that people can end up paying for the very same flight. I have met people on flights over the years and the topic of airfare would come up in conversation. In some cases, my fellow seatmate paid more than double what I did for the very same itinerary! Despite all of the wonderful price comparison tools available online, many... Read more →

Most families planning a summer vacation are on a tight budget. There are some lesser known websites that can really pack a punch when it comes to saving money on hotels. You don't have to end up at a 2 star hotel to save a few bucks. Listed below are some great new online tools that make getting a great rate on a hotel room easier than ever. Deal Angel Deal Angel is a very easy to use interface and has one feature that I really like. They provide you with a general overview of the going rate for hotels... Read more →

Imagine that I offered you a strategy that would allow you to continue to go to your favorite mechanic and save 25% or more on virtually every repair you had done. No, I am not selling some kind of a discount card or membership in a club. I have tripped across a strategy, one that is so simple that I could kick myself for not discovering this years earlier. Since I don't like the idea of financing automobiles, we almost always pay cash for our vehicles and drive them as long as possible. I drive a 2002 Ford Escape that... Read more →