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There is nothing more exciting for me than getting free stuff.  Call it an addiction, an obsession, I love free stuff.  I love finding it, getting it, and telling people about it. Several years ago I ended up homeschooling my three children for one year.  One of the projects I assigned to them was to write two to three weekly letters in an effort to get free stuff. I had my son write to NFL and MLB franchises and request a complimentary 'fan pack.' I learned that this was the official buzz word for an exciting package of stickers, pictures, booklets, magnets, and cool free stuff from each team.  My two girls wrote to the various state tourism boards across the United States requesting a free tourism package. My kids still talk about the experience to this day.  


My son had plastered his room with stickers and posters from every sports franchise in the country. I first learned about writing away for free stuff from my fourth grade school teacher.  She did this one month each year for every one of her classes. We could hardly wait to get down to writing the letters and when the free stuff started arrive, it was like Christmas morning. It was really a fantastic learning opportunity and something that I will never forget.


The Internet has put searching for free stuff on steroids.  There are a couple of things that I would recommend if you plan a quest for Internet freebies.

1.  Get a throw away e mail address  

This would be a free e mail account from Hotmail or GMail. You don't want to use your regular e mail address when getting free stuff as you may end up getting a ton of junk mail. 

2.  Be Careful How Much Personal Information You Share

Use your own judgment, but don't share too much personal information when signing up for a freebie as you may regret that later.

Best Freebie Websites

They are called freebie aggregators, which is just a fancy way of saying that these are websites that keep updated lists of free offers.

Hey Its Free 


Hunt For Freebies

A Freebie Empire

Deals For Mommy

I Love Free Stuff


I have been wanting to do an article on this for some time.  I would love to make this blog post a means of sharing your own free stuff success stories as well.  Please use the comments section below to share your own ideas.

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