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How To Get Free Stuff - A Complete Guide To The Best Freebies And Giveaways Online

There is nothing more exciting for me than getting free stuff. Call it an addiction, an obsession, I love free stuff. I love finding it, getting it, and telling people about it. Several years ago I ended up homeschooling my three children for one year. One of the projects I assigned to them was to write two to three weekly letters in an effort to get free stuff. I had my son write to NFL and MLB franchises and request a complimentary 'fan pack.' I learned that this was the official buzz word for an exciting package of stickers, pictures,... Read more →

How To Get Student Loan Forgiveness

A few weeks ago it was reported that the total amount of student loan debt has now reached $1 trillion dollars. This has now surpassed the amount that Americans owe on credit cards. There is a ray of hope for those that are faced with repaying this mountain of debt. This week I will be addressing how to get your student loan payments reduced, forgiven, or even free money to pay them off completely. 1. Lower Payments And Loan Forgiveness Through The Income Based Repayment Program (IBR) Although many do not know about the program, the IBR can be used... Read more →

It seems that about once every month we hear in the news word of another major security breach where hundreds of thousands of passwords are compromised. Most people don't realize the full scope of the problem that losing a single password can cause. A few weeks ago one of my friends had his e mail account hacked. I learned this along with everyone else on his e mail list by receiving a ton of spam messages from his account. I alerted him that his account was hacked and he seemed to have little concern about it. In fact, a week... Read more →

This topic has been on my list of articles I wanted to write and I am finally getting around to it. I have heard about the idea of getting paid to do online surveys but I have also heard that many of these offers are scams. This would probably fall into the same category of a recent article I wrote on the topic of how to make money as a mystery shopper. Most people dismiss the idea as illegitimate since there are so many scams that use the concept as a front. Not only have I been generally aware of... Read more →