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Proof that Barack Obama Was Born In Kenya?

Breitbart News released a brochure that was circulated by Barack Obama's literary agent in 1991 promoting him as an author.  The literary agency, Acton & Dystel, touts Obama as being born in Kenya, not Hawaii.    

It appears that as of now this document is not being challenged as fraudulent. The only explanation that many think is plausible is that his agent simply made an honest mistake on the birthplace.

I have been around the publishing industry most of my adult life and I can not imagine any scenario where a biography would be distributed by an agent without first being approved by the client.

Whether you believe the claim that he was born in Hawaii or not, it can not be denied that Obama's past seems to be the most elusive of any president in recent history.

I have my own take on this, which is just a theory.  A theory that just hit me last night as I was thinking through this new revelation and the undying speculation surrounding Obama's birthplace.

What if Barack Obama claimed the status of being born in Kenya as a means of obtaining maximum college financial aid?  There has been an ongoing side story throughout all of this that he was known to be a foreign student studying in the United States.

Since Obama's father was Kenyan, could Obama have enjoyed duel citizenship?  Could he have asserted his status as a Kenyan citizen to make obtaining financial aid easier?   We simply don't know at this point.  

We have never spent much time at on this story as our focus is mostly on financial issues not politics.  Whatever your view is on this matter, there now seems to be more to the story here and this latest revelation only raises more questions. 

We believe that all the evidence up to this point supports the conclusion that Barack Obama is a U.S. Citizen, born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Maybe the 'secret' being hidden is not his birthplace but how he paid for college.

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