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This graduation season many people are stumped settling on a gift idea. I was thinking about this the other day and remembered how popular it was when I was working as a stockbroker for clients to buy a single share of stock and gift it to a young person. In some cases, they even went so far as to frame it. I always thought this was a really unique idea. It was especially popular to gift a share of stock in Walt Disney Corp as they have a terrific looking certificate design. I heard feedback from clients that their gift... Read more →

Update: I just filmed a 90 minute video on all of my YouTube strategies and you can purchase it here. At our focus is on three areas of personal finance; making money, saving money, and avoiding scams. Of course, all of this is within the context of being a good steward of our finances as Christians. Today, I want to get into something new that I have never addressed before - how to make money with YouTube. Featured On Dave Ramsey's Show I was really surprised in researching this article how many people actually make their full time living... Read more →

Breitbart News released a brochure that was circulated by Barack Obama's literary agent in 1991 promoting him as an author. The literary agency, Acton & Dystel, touts Obama as being born in Kenya, not Hawaii. It appears that as of now this document is not being challenged as fraudulent. The only explanation that many think is plausible is that his agent simply made an honest mistake on the birthplace. I have been around the publishing industry most of my adult life and I can not imagine any scenario where a biography would be distributed by an agent without first being... Read more →

Let me start this article by making it clear that I believe that people should pay their debts in full if they have the ability to do so. There are times, however, that most people go through when they fall behind on one or more debts and they end up dealing with a third party collection agency. Most people don't know what to do and the most common reaction is to hide out, not answer the phone, quickly throw away the collection letters as they arrive, and hope that they will be forgotten about. Over time, the amount that is... Read more →

Excerpt From Credit Scoring Secrets - What They Don't Want You To Know Credit scoring is something that most people have heard about, but few people understand. I have found that when people have some basic information on a subject, they can be very difficult to teach (hence the saying, “A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous”). An example of this arose when a man once came to my mortgage office seeking advice on raising his credit score so that he could obtain a mortgage. I had spent nearly an hour reviewing his credit and making notes prior to... Read more →

My curiosity was piqued recently when I began to hear a number of conservative radio talk show hosts promoting diamonds as an investment. For those who are my regular readers, you know that I don't much put stock in the investment advice of talk radio hosts as they seem to be willing to pitch anything. We have covered extensively a company called Goldline which is aggressively promoted by Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. Goldline sells gold and gold coins and was criminally charged in 2011 and recently settled those charges by refunding $4.5 million dollars to affected customers. It seems... Read more →