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Why Do $20 Chocolate Berries Cost $52?

BerriesI have simply reached the point that I now believe that anyone I do business with is trying to cheat me. Am I just paranoid? Consider my experience today. I was listening to talk radio and heard an ad for a company by the name of Shari's Berries. This is my mom's first Valentine's Days since my Dad passed away in September so I wanted to get her something special. Strawberries dipped in chocolate in a handsome gift box seemed like just the thing.  What's more, the current special was $19.95.  This seemed like a wonderful deal and just the right gift. 

I went to the website inserted the talk show host's name so I could get the 'special deal' and after just a few clicks I placed my order and the total was $52! I kid you not, my chocolate berries had morphed from $19.95 to $52.  I was unable to see the final screen to view my total since it was blocked by a pop up ad (wonder if that was just an innocent mistake?).  I was hit with shipping and handling charges for the difference and additional fees for the berries being delivered on Valentine's Day.  I called the toll free number and negotiated the cost down to $37 by agreeing that my order could be delivered on either the 13th or the 14th and at any time during either day.

Am I being a baby about this or is this just how things are today.  It is not even about the money really.  Why run ads promoting a Valentine's Day gift for $19.95 and then make it cost $52 to get it delivered on Valentine's Day?  Maybe I should just hope that Mom likes the berries and forget about feeling scammed on this one.  Why can't anyone just be straight with their prices these days?

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