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Save Money Making Your Own Soda

I have written a number of articles on how I personally save money in my daily life.  These articles tend to be the most popular articles I have posted to my blog.  Today, I will add a new money-saver to your arsenal, the SodaStream.


The SodaStream is a home version of a restaurant soda fountain.  The SodaStream goes for about $90.  I purchased a SodaStream a month ago and have been very happy with it.  One of my bad habits is drinking a lot of Diet Coke.  When I read the reviews that I could make my own soda at home and save money I was hooked.  What made this even more appealing to me was the ability to make soda that did not contain Aspartame.  I have read and understand the risks of Aspartame and this has been a concern to me.  In fact, it was a major reason that I decided to give up Diet Coke a couple of times. 

The SodaStream is not only a way to save money but it provides a great convenience.  For example, my daughter had some friends over during the holidays and I asked what type of soda they wanted and they asked for orange.  I was able to make  a bottle of orange soda in about 2 minutes for them and I did not have to make a run up to the grocery store. 

The ongoing costs are the soda mix (syrup) and C02 bottles.  The diet soda mix tastes exactly the same to me as Diet Coke.  I also really enjoy the diet root beer mix.  The cost of a bottle of syrup mix is about $5 (makes 50 1 liter bottles).  The cost for a C02 cannister refill is about $22 (makes 60 liters of soda).  Although I have not tried them, there are also energy drink mixes that are available.  Many people carbonate a bottle of water and then mix in a fruit juice such as cranberry or orange juice providing even more healthy options.  The variatons are really limitless.

My kids laughed when I said we were going to make our own soda.  They thought this was just another one of my 'gadgets' which would not pan out.  In only a month we have made the transition to 100 percent homemade soda.  Another side benefit is not having to carry all of those soda bottles home from the grocery store!  The manufacturer suggests that the savings should be about half vs. buying your soda in the grocery store. I have not used it long enough to be able to really calculate what my personal savings are, but I would still likely go this route,  if only for the convenience and the ability to make soda without the Aspartame.  

Overall I would give this gadget a high rating and something I intend to use going forward in place of buying soda at the store.

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