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Alternative Currencies - The New Money

One topic I have been fascinated with is that of virtual currencies. I wrote a very comprehensive article on this last year. A news story on this very topic caught my eye this week and I thought I would share it with you. I also wrote an article before that on local currencies entitled, 'How To Print Your Own Money Without Going to Jail.' I watched a CNN Video entitled 'How I Buy Groceries Without Cash.' The story is about a community of individuals in Philadelphia that have come up with their own currency that is being used as the... Read more →

Save Money Making Your Own Soda

I have written a number of articles on how I personally save money in my daily life. These articles tend to be the most popular articles I have posted to my blog. Today, I will add a new money-saver to your arsenal, the SodaStream. The SodaStream is a home version of a restaurant soda fountain. The SodaStream goes for about $90. I purchased a SodaStream a month ago and have been very happy with it. One of my bad habits is drinking a lot of Diet Coke. When I read the reviews that I could make my own soda at... Read more →

An article estimating that $2 billion in gift card credit will go unused this year really caught our attention. After doing a little digging we learned of an even more staggering number. It turns out that since 2005 more than $41 billion in gift card credit has gone unused. This is one that I absolutely don't understand. Like most people I receive gift cards on occasion but I always use them. A relative from California sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I used it within twenty minutes of taking it out of the envelope. I am not... Read more →

You don't have to be much of a prognosticator to conclude that any business opportunity tied to foreclosures has nowhere to go but up. This is the time of the year that many people decide to launch a business, go on a diet, get their finances in order, etc.. We receive quite a lot of inquiries from individuals seeking advice on what kind of business they should start. Of course, I am a huge advocate of online businesses and have been teaching classes on this for nearly four years. I do keep my eyes open for other opportunities and today... Read more →