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Alternative Currencies - The New Money

One topic I have been fascinated with is that of virtual currencies.  I wrote a very comprehensive article on this last year.  A news story on this very topic caught my eye this week and I thought I would share it with you.  I also wrote an article before that on local currencies entitled, 'How To Print Your Own Money Without Going to Jail.'


I watched a CNN Video entitled 'How I Buy Groceries Without Cash.'  The story is about a community of individuals in Philadelphia that have come up with their own currency that is being used as the basis for a sort of barter system.  In this story the currency was utilized as  a form of payment to volunteers.  The currency, called Equal Dollars, is used by the man in the video below to buy much of his weekly groceries.  I think these alternative currencies can be a very good thing and I often wonder why churches are not adopting this idea? 


I continue to be fascinated by alternative currencies such as BitCoin.  I learned recently that BitCoin is now more than just a virtual currency and they now offer physical coins with an embedded code.

This video is a great primer on how alternative currencies come into fruition


Alternative Currencies & Bible Prophecy

My interest also centers on what I see as the coming cashless society as described in the book of Revelation.  Will the Antichrist develop a virtual currency of his own and make the Mark Of The Beast a requirement for using it?  I am currently writing a new book that will be released by late summer about what I believe to be the various technologies that could be the basis for the Mark Of The Beast.  This will also be covered frequently in my new newsletter on Bible Prophecy & Survival that will launch on February 7.

As seen in the video below, the alternative currency movement is really growing on a number of levels.  This even includes states now considering creating their own money.  Near bankrupt states like Illinois and California could bail themselves out by launching their own currency and paying off their debts with it.  Sound far fetched?  That is exactly what the federal government has been doing for decades.  


I did find a book on this for those that want to get more details.  It is called 'Local Money - How To Make It Happen In Your Community.'  I would love to hear if someone launches a church based currency somewhere, it could be a very beneficial thing to do, especially in this current economy.

Please use the comment section below to share your own experience of using an alternative currency.

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