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On Wednesday Amazon is expected to announce the release of a new tablet computer. Although the details have been kept as closely guarded secrets, some information has leaked out. First, the name of the device is believed to be The Kindle Fire. The price is $199, which seems like a great deal for the anticipated capabilities of the new device. Technology insiders are reporting that this will be a full color tablet which will utilize the Android operating system. It will also be capable of streaming movies as well. The tablet is expected to be 7 inches and be the... Read more →

What You Never Knew About The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), formed in 1912, has become synonymous with consumer protection. Most people believe that the BBB is a government watchdog organization. That is what I believed for many years myself. Although the organization is a non-profit, their executives seem to do very well financially (see the Dateline video below). Despite using the name bureau, they are not affiliated in any way with any government agency. From The Los Angeles Times: Top Better Business Bureau Executive At L.A. Branch Earns More Than $400,000 When I started my first business more than twenty years ago, the BBB came... Read more →

For many years when I hosted a syndicated radio show the topic of government grants always garnered a great deal of interest. Of course, we all read the stories of companies and individuals receiving money from the government and as a taxpayer it would be nice to tap into some of it, right? I used to bring on my show as a regular guest Matthew Lesko. I did an Internet search and see that he is still around (including his trademark colorful suit with question marks on it). If you can look beyond his unusual marketing style, he does offer... Read more →

Jim discusses his frustration with a local grocery store that allows scam charities to solicit donations at the entrance, also his own thoughts on the President's speech and what he really thinks the solution is to the ailing economy, some unusual news this week about a confrontation between Rick Perry and Ron Paul, and the agenda behind Dancing With The Stars selecting Chaz Bono as a cast member. Hosted By James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief of The show is live on Fridays from Noon to 1 pm Eastern Download From iTunes Helping you make the most of God’s money!... Read more →

Quick and Simple Ways To Cut Your Insurance Bill

It appears that the theme of saving money seems to really be going over well with our readers and that is the focus of this week's article. When it comes to saving money many times we miss the opportunity that may be right under our nose in the so called 'must pay' monthly bills. These are the important items that we must keep paying and are too important to even consider dropping. This would include our monthly insurance premiums. We can't go without insurance right? Well, in some cases you can. In other cases you can make some changes to... Read more →