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Mini e Books, The New Amazon Tablet, & Your Chance To Cash In

Newtablet On Wednesday Amazon is expected to announce the release of a new tablet computer.  Although the details have been kept as closely guarded secrets, some information has leaked out.  First, the name of the device is believed to be The Kindle Fire.  The price is $199, which seems like a great deal for the anticipated capabilities of the new device.  Technology insiders are reporting that this will be a full color tablet which will utilize the Android operating system.  It will also be capable of streaming movies as well.  The tablet is expected to be 7 inches and be the iPad's first real rival. 

e Book Opportunities Continue To Grow

Of course, the new Amazon Tablet will be all about being integrated into the Amazon Kindle store and its growing inventory of e Books.  A few weeks back I added an entry to this blog titled How To Make Money With Your own e Book, so I don't plan on going over the entire concept again.  I do believe, however, that this new tablet simply makes the e Book opportunity even bigger than it was just a few weeks ago.

A New Twist On The e Book MarketPlace

One element of the e Book world that has really caught my attention are what I call 'mini e Books.'  Amazon has a newer e Book category they call Kindle Singles.    These are short e Books, some as short as 5,000 words.  They can be fiction or non-fiction.  The mini e Book marketplace opens the door to people now publishing what might be nothing more lengthy than an article or a short story.


Do You Have Something Short To Share?

I have written more than 20 books over the years and just thinking about writing a full length book makes me tired.  I have dozens of ideas, however, that I could develop into a short laser focused book that would be perfect for utilizing this concept.  Write a short story, share your own diet plan, write about a life lesson learned, offer advice on a specific topic, the possibilities are endless.

I am convinced as our attention spans continue to shorten that these mini e Books will really take off.  The opportunity is now here for those that want to get that first book published quickly without facing the monumental task of producing a several hundred page work.


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With so many people struggling financially, I find this a simply outstanding opportunity for anyone looking to supplement their income and needing to do so within a flexible schedule.  Due to popular demand, we are going to offer another free preview workshop on how to write and publish an e Book.  This is a preview to our four hour video home study course.  The online workshop is being offered this Wednesday evening (Sept 28) at 9 pm Eastern (8pm Central).  We are limited to 250 participants, so sign up right away if you are at all interested.

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