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How To Cash In On New Gift Card Options


Many of us have found that giving a gift card is far easier than shopping for a gift.  Gift cards seem to be the perfect option, or are they?  Reports show that about 10 percent ($6.5 billion) of all gift card credit goes unused each year.  Recent changes to federal law give gift card holders five years before their unused credit expires.  What if you have a gift card to an establishment that you simply have no interest in using?


Use Your Gift Card To Pay Your Everyday Bills

Plastic Jungle just announced that it will now make it possible for you to use those unwanted gift cards to pay utility bills, credit card payments, and even your mortgage. The site, which provides a forum for individuals to sell or trade their gift cards, is now adding this new bill pay option.  Depending on the gift card, you will receive a credit of up to 92% of the face value toward a bill payment.  The official launch of the bill pay service is expected within 6 to 8 weeks.

Buying Gift Cards For Fun & Profit

I was very surprised while researching this article to uncover some truly fantastic deals in the gift card resale market.  Discounts of 10 to 15 percent  and more on major retail gift cards are readily available.  I have never bought a ‘used gift card' but plan to do so right away.  While there are numerous gift card scams out there, you  should be fine if you stick with a reputable reseller.  Many major resellers such as Plastic Jungle offer free shipping, no transaction fees, and a complete guarantee on the value of the gift card.

Actual Examples Of Current Discounts On The Face Value Of Gift Cards (source Plastic Jungle):

Olive Garden 9%

AMC Theaters 18%

Regal Cinema 12%

Kohls 15%

Borders Books 15%

Barnes & Noble 15%

Omaha Steaks 15%

Bath & Body Works 12%

Home Depot 7%

Target 5%


Other major gift card resellers:



Gift Card Castle

Card Pool

I see no reason why I should not buy some Home Depot and Olive Garden cards right away. These are two establishments I frequent each week.  I will let you know how my experience works out.  We are also trying to book someone from Plastic Jungle to appear on this upcoming Friday Podcast.

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