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For those that are clumsy, forgetful, or prone to accidents, an insurance plan to cover your iPhone may be a reasonable consideration. When you consider that used iPhones are going for $300 to $500 on e Bay, damaging or losing your phone is certainly more than just a minor nuisance. While researching this article I was very surprised to learn how many different insurance options there are for iPhones and the significant differences between coverage from one company to the next. Let me first point out that I usually decline extended warranties and the like that are pushed at electronics... Read more →

Do You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

I have been reading some alarming reports lately suggesting that in some areas of the country as many as 1 in 5 drivers are uninsured. There is also the issue of underinsured drivers as well. In both cases, due to the slumping economy and illegal immigration, the number of drivers on the road without adequate coverage is on the rise. What Is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage? Uninsured motorist coverage is a feature you can add to your auto insurance that pays you if you are in an accident and the other driver does not have insurance, or the amount of insurance... Read more →

How I Settled My Debt For 50 Cents On The Dollar and Became Debt Free

I would like to share my story with you about how I succeeded in resolving my debt problems. Like many people, the sole reason behind my debt issues was credit cards. I realized that I was in severe debt when I started getting harassing collection calls. I wanted to be a debt free Christian so that I could worship God wholeheartedly. So, I made a commitment to pay off debts fast and manage my personal finances in a better way. This is how I solved my debt problems: Assessed my financial status – After assessing my financial scenario, I found... Read more →

Ponzi schemes have a very short shelf life in the world of news. A guy in a suit and tie is arrested, you hear from the investors that lost money, and a few days later the story is soon forgotten. The Madoff case, however, seems to be an ongoing saga that has no end. The latest twist is that the trustee appointed by the government is suing the owners of the New York Mets. According to reports, the owners of the Mets earned approximately $300 million from their investments with Bernard Madoff. The trustee wants this money to be returned... Read more →

iPads For $40? Is It A Scam?

We have all heard of the bargains that can be had by savvy bidders through online auctions, but have you ever heard about someone getting an iPad for $40 on eBay? These are the kind of prices that items are sold at every day at penny auction sites. Maybe I live a sheltered life, but I first learned of penny auctions only a couple of weeks ago. One penny auction site,, is currently being promoted in a number of national radio ads. How Do Penny Auctions Work? To get started as a bidder, you set up an account with... Read more →