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In these days of rising gas and food prices, we are receiving countless e mails from people searching for ways to make additional money.  Paid blogging is a becoming a popular way to earn money working part time from home.

Paid Blogging, What Is It?

Thousands of companies are hiring individuals to write reviews of their products and services and post them online.  There are more than a dozen paid blogging websites that match up advertisers with bloggers interested in writing product reviews.  Paid reviews are a new way for companies to draw attention to their product.  A well written article on a product will usually get far more response than traditional advertising.  


Paid Blogging, How Much Can You earn?

The amount you can earn for writing a review will vary.  One site,, lists a pay rate of $20 to $200 for each paid review.  In this interview I did with an executive with Pay Per Post, he shares the story of one of their paid bloggers earning nearly $40,000 working from home while raising 3 children. 

Paid Blogging, The Controversy

Paid blogging has been the focus of controversy of the years, especially with the search engines. Some argue that these paid articles are deceptive since the reader may not realize that the article is sponsored.  The search engines have historically objected to the these articles since they allow an advertiser to boost their search ranking with what they consider to be ads disguised as articles.  The controversy appears to have been settled, at least for now, by paid bloggers agreeing to disclose that they are receiving compensation from the companies they are writing about. 

 My Experience With Paid Blogging

I have never accepted any compensation for writing a so-called sponsored post.  For me, I would personally feel uncomfortable compromising my independence as a consumer advocacy writer.  Since I have been professionally writing for nearly 25 years, I guess I have decided to put my writing credibility first on this one.  On the other hand, I have on multiple occasions hired bloggers through these services to promote my website and products.  As an advertiser, paying people to write reviews of my website has been very productive.   In fact, I would have to say that dollar for dollar it has been among the best advertising I have invested in over the years.

Paid Blogging, How Do You Get Started?

To get started as a paid blogger, simply visit one of the many paid blogging sites and register.  After you have registered, you can look around to get more details about what opportunities are available and what the requirements are.  As an example, Pay Per Post requires that you have at least a 90 day history as a blogger before you can start working with them.  Each site will have its own prerequisites.  One other thing; you will need to set up a blog of your own.  Go Daddy offers a great, easy to use solution, called QuickBlogCast which you can set up for about $5 per month.  For those that would like to learn more about paid blogging and other ways to earn money working online, I offer a free introductory class on this subject.  To get more information and sign up for my ten free lessons on making money online, go to

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