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The Financial Best, Worst, & Most Interesting Of 2010

I guess there can’t be too many best of and worst of lists, so will take a shot at adding our own. While I don’t have an official list to publish, I do have some of my own observations on the world of business and finance for 2010. 1. Best Performing Investment Sector Not surprising, precious metals had another great year thanks to the Fed’s policy of quantitative easing (aka creating money out of thin air). As inflation begins to become a real problem due to the Fed increasing the amount of money in circulation, precious metals are clearly... Read more →

How To Tackle Your Medical Debts

An unexpected medical emergency might crop up any time and cost you a bomb. With rising health care expenses, medical emergencies are giving consumers a real shock. Even with health insurances in their names, consumers land up owing huge medical debts that seem tough to meet. However, resorting to a little tactful way of handling medical debts can help deal with your medical obligations better. Here is what you can do to manage your huge medical bills: · Review your medical bills Medical bills are often significantly erroneous. You can be overcharged for the medical services or even charged for... Read more →

For several months I have made note of a young man at the local grocery store that I frequent. Ricky always has a beaming smile, a twinkle in his eye, and tells each and every customer to have a wonderful day. He always asks if I found everything that I needed, and usually has a quit-witted joke or two to share while ringing up my groceries. He is the kind of person that really stands out in the crowd of people that you meet throughout the day. Tonight I stopped in at the small convenience store a block down from... Read more →

The Bottom Line On Taxes For 2011

Although this story is still developing as I write this article, it appears likely that tax legislation will pass before year-end extending the so-called Bush Tax Cuts. The $858 billion legislation will also bring back the estate tax. Estate Tax The estate tax is returning but will offer a generous exemption. It is expected to exclude the first $5 million for single individuals and $10 million for those that are married. These generous exemptions mean that most Americans won't owe any estate tax upon their death. Those with estates larger than $5 million ($10 million for married couples) would be... Read more →

Are You Being Followed Online?

You may have heard of the Do Not Call List. You know, the one that stops telemarketers from making solicitation calls to you at dinner. The Federal Trade Commission is proposing a Do Not Follow List. You may not even realize it, but when you surf the Internet your computer is picking up small files called 'cookies' that allow online merchants and other cyber businesses to track your activity. When a site asks if it should remember you (after you log in), or if you notice that the products being featured are exactly what you shopped for on your last... Read more →