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You may have heard of the Do Not Call List.  You know, the one that stops telemarketers from making solicitation calls to you at dinner.  The Federal Trade Commission is proposing a Do Not Follow List.  You may not even realize it, but when you surf the Internet your computer is picking up small files called 'cookies' that allow online merchants and other cyber businesses to track your activity.  When a site asks if it should remember you (after you log in), or if you notice that the products being featured are exactly what you shopped for on your last visit, you are seeing the use of cookies.  

Marketers consider this to be simply good information to have so that they can do a better job of selling you stuff.  Some think this is an invasion of privacy and can lead to more costly consequences.  So, the same government that has recently decided that it is OK to perform a virtual strip search of you at the airport, has decided that tracking cookies are an invasion of your privacy.  Experts believe that a Do Not Follow List would be very difficult to implement.  First, unlike a single phone number, an individual may use multiple computers at a variety of locations.  This would make any such rule a nightmare to comply with and would probably be impossible for businesses to live up to their responsibilities.

The Problem With Setting Your Browser To Not Accept Cookies

You can go into your browser and change your settings to block the cookies from being picked up at all.  Some sites will not work properly if you do this.  This can be a real headache.  So, we have looked into this issue and come up with what is a great solution on how to protect your privacy and still get full functionality from your browser.

Here are the complete instructions on how to automatically delete cookies, or you can watch the video I have recorded below.

Personally, I don't see any big problem here and find it ironic that the United States Government wants to protect our privacy.  Hey, aren't these the same guys that couldn't keep their own private communications from being shared with Wikileaks?  The bottom line here is that the government does not need to be involved in this and if you are concerned, a simple browser setting will resolve the issue.

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