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How To Find Seasonal Work During The Holidays

We all hear discussions about people taking second jobs during the holidays to raise some extra cash for gifts and other seasonal expenses.  This year, many looking for additional employment during the holidays are doing so for basic survival.  Hundreds of thousands are losing unemployment benefits, millions are facing foreclosure, and many people are struggling just for the basic necessities of life.  The good news is that, by all accounts, seasonal employment opportunities will be plentiful this year.  The reason that there are more seasonal jobs this year than in many of the previous years is that companies have been working on shoestring staff levels to keep their costs down.

Toys 'R' Us is hiring 45,000 seasonal employees.  Most large retailers are reporting that they plan to hire 20 to 30 percent more staff during the holidays.  Some estimates suggest that as many as 600,000 seasonal jobs will be available this year. 

How To Find A Seasonal Job

1.  Start With Businesses That You Are Already A Customer

While doing your own shopping, inquire about seasonal employment.  Ask at your grocery store, local restaurants, and retailers.  Being an existing customer can give you an inside track to available openings.

2.  Inquire With Businesses Known To Hire Extra Workers During The Holidays

First on the list would have to be UPS.  UPS hires thousands of seasonal employees.  Local malls would be a next logical place to inquire. Most post offices will hire additional personnel and this can be a great 'in' to a government job if you are seeking one.

3.  Be Flexible

Seasonal employees are needed based on the demands of the business, not your personal schedule.  While this may be tough to juggle as we all have our own holiday plans, your chances of being hired will only increase if you make yourself widely available without too many unavailable dates.


Side Benefits Of Seasonal Work

1.  A seasonal job can become a regular job.

2.  You may qualify for generous store discounts (just at the time of the year when you can really benefit from them).

3.  You can make good contacts that may lead to job opportunities elsewhere.

Using The Internet To Find Seasonal Work

All of the major online job search sites have postings for seasonal employment:

Career Builder, USA Jobs, Monster, Employment Guide

Beware Of Scams

There is absolutely no good reason to pay for a list of available jobs or pay a service to locate a seasonal job for you.  The jobs are there and you don't need a middle man to land one.  If you work through a legitimate employment agency, their fee will be paid by the company hiring you.

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