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The Internet has changed yet another part of our lives.  Free and low cost Internet phone calls are slowly bringing an end to the traditional home phone line.  This past week Google added another option for those that want to officially discontinue their home phone line.  Simply open a free GMail account and make phone calls right from your computer.  Calls to the United States and Canada are free and international calling rates start at just 2 cents per minute.  If you are a techie, you already know about Skype.  Skype offers rates as low as 2 cents per minute in the United States or you can sign up for an unlimited calling package for $2.99 per month to make unlimited domestic calls.  International calls are offered at ridiculously low prices and there is even a worldwide unlimited calling package for just $13.99 (with some restrictions).

Other Internet Based Calling Options:

Phones From The Cable Company
For about $25 per month you get unlimited local and long distance calls (available through your local cable provider).  Usually includes enhanced 911.

Costs $25 per month and includes unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and land lines in Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland. International rates are $0.04 to Germany, $0.18 to India and $0.10 to South Africa.  Includes enhanced 911.

Magic Jack
Costs $19.95 per year.  The international calling rates are somewhat higher than Vonage, but an excellent option for those making calls predominately to the U.S. and Canada.  Magic Jack does offer 911 services (with limitations based on where you live), but does not have phone numbers in all area codes yet.  Depending on where you live, you may end up with an odd area code.

This is a more deluxe service with quite a few nice add-ons from what you would get with a Magic Jack setup.  For a one time cost of $200 you have a free phone forever! (international calls are at an additional cost).  Some of the nice features with the OOMA include call screening, multiple line options, the ability to answer your home phone calls from your cell phone, and the option of blocking phone numbers (e.g. a telemarketer that is harassing you).  No more monthly bills (except for about $3 in telecommunications taxes). Includes enhanced 911. (Note: some of the deluxe features of the OOMA require an additional fee.)

I have been using the OOMA at my home for about 3 months now and it works great!  I love the fact that I am saving $25 per month from what I was paying my cable company for phone service.  The OOMA is available for about $200 Online Through Amazon.

Have you switched over to Internet calling?  Share your story in the comments section below.  Also, check out my new blog on making money online.

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