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Telemedicine: A New Way To Avoid The Doctor's Office And Save Money

One of my least favorite activities is sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office.  About a month ago, I ended up waiting more than two hours for an appointment with my eye doctor.  There is a new way of consulting with your doctor.  It is called Telemedicine and provides access to doctors, nurses, and specialists, by phone and via the Internet.


Imagine being able to talk to your doctor over the telephone or even on a video conference using Skype.  Services such as ConsultADoctor provide this option.  In addition to the convenience, the cost may be substantially less than seeing a doctor in person.  Doctors can even write prescriptions if necessary after your phone or video conference.  To become a member, you can join for as little as $5.95 per month.  The premium level plan is available for $14.95 per month.  Membership includes a wide array of benefits, including the ability to access doctors 24/7.  Appointments will cost up to $45, but the premium plan includes unlimited ‘on call’ access (basic questions that can be asked of a doctor), and unlimited e mails that will be answered by a doctor.  For those that do not have access to a comprehensive medical plan through their employer, purchasing a major medical policy (to cover hospital stays and catastrophic expenses of greater than $5,000), along with a telemedicine membership such as ConsultADoctor is a great combination. 

Who Can Benefit from Telemedicine? (source:ConsultADoctor)

    Consult A Doctor’s healthcare coverage is a great option for uninsured, part-time or contract workers looking for quality medical coverage.
    If you are frequently away from home, you can benefit from Consult A Doctor’s medical coverage. It’s available no matter where you are!
    For individuals and families that do not have local access to a doctor or hospital. Consult A Doctor brings the doctor to you. Just a phone call or E-mail away.
    Consult A Doctor’s healthcare coverage is ideal for college graduates because it’s affordable, offers immediate coverage and gives you coverage while you job search.
    Consult A Doctor is a great alternative for those that are looking for quality medical coverage.
    Consult A Doctor provides your employees with premium healthcare coverage and is perfect for companies that want to reduce their overall healthcare costs.
    Consult A Doctor’s healthcare coverage is perfect for those that have a hard time getting to the doctor’s office. Give yourself peace of mind.
    Consult A Doctor will not deny you coverage. And, there are no waiting periods.
  • EVERYONE and ANYONE that wants quality, convenient and affordable medical coverage

I really love this concept and expect it to continue to grow.  Have you ever used telemedicine?  How did it work out for you?  Would you consider using it?  I would love to get your thoughts on this, please use the comments section below.

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