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Is It Time To Consider Refinancing Again?

Mortgage rates have dropped to nearly a 40 year low. The last time rates were this low was back in 1971. Many have refinanced their homes in recent years but are now considering refinancing yet again. Simply because you can achieve a lower rate on your current mortgage does not necessarily mean that you should refinance. Closing Costs One of the largest factors in refinancing are the closing costs. Consider the following example: Current Mortgage Rate Of 5.75% on a $250,000 mortgage would equal a monthly payment of about $1,458. New Mortgage Rate of 4.75% would lower the monthly payment... Read more →

Telemedicine: A New Way To Avoid The Doctor's Office And Save Money

One of my least favorite activities is sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office. About a month ago, I ended up waiting more than two hours for an appointment with my eye doctor. There is a new way of consulting with your doctor. It is called Telemedicine and provides access to doctors, nurses, and specialists, by phone and via the Internet. Imagine being able to talk to your doctor over the telephone or even on a video conference using Skype. Services such as ConsultADoctor provide this option. In addition to the convenience, the cost may be substantially less... Read more →

Does It Pay To Buy Travel Insurance?

Each mention of the oil leak story in the Gulf brings with it a list of all of the tourist related businesses being affected. The most notable are the oceanfront resorts that have lost up to 50% of their income, even in cases where there is no oil at all on their beach. Just as millions of Americans prepare to take their summer vacations, this crisis has caused more than a few to change their plans. But what about those that bought travel insurance? You know, that coverage you are always told you should buy just in case. It turns... Read more →

How To Earn Money By Paying Your Neighbor's Past Due Taxes

What investment will pay you 18 percent or more per year on your money? It is called a tax lien (or tax deed), and it is growing in popularity as more traditional investments have fallen flat in recent years. The concept is actually not that complicated. If you own real estate , you realize that each year the value of your property is assessed and then you are sent a property tax bill. The process varies widely, but most states provide a window of time during which you can pay your taxes. In Florida, if we pay real estate taxes... Read more →

Invest In Spiders (SPDRS) To Cash In On New Opportunities

What is a Spider (SPDR)? It is the acronym for S&P 500 Depository Receipts. Spiders are a family of exchange traded mutual funds (ETF) and they derive their name from their first fund, which tracked the S & P 500 Index. With about 75 fund options now, the name has sort of lost its relevance but has stuck with investors. What Is An Exchange Traded Fund? Most people are familiar with the concept of a mutual fund. The idea of an exchange traded fund is similar in many ways. When you buy into an ETF you are purchasing a share... Read more →