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Investing In Death? How People Are Cashing In On Life Settlements.

You sit down at breakfast, scan the newspaper, and conclude that there is virtually nothing profitable to invest in these days. You announce to your spouse that you are considering investing in death. Well, the conversation may not go exactly like that, but it may not be that far off. Investors searching for something, anything, that will go up in value, are turning to viatical settlements. Most people are familiar with the availability of buy-outs on life insurance for those with a terminal illness, but the elderly in good health may also be able to sell their life insurance policy... Read more →

Apprenticeship - Your Ticket To A New Career?

The concept of apprenticeships can be traced back to the middle ages. It was very common for a young person to study under a craftsman for many years to learn a trade. The arrangement would many times include the apprentice actually living with the master tradesman and being provided housing and food as part of the on the job training. Apprenticeships are still around today and for many provide the perfect opportunity to inexpensively learn a trade. Many of you may know that I have a prosthetic eye as a result of a childhood accident. Since I was eighteen I... Read more →

What To Do When You Can't Make Your Car Payment

For those that can not afford their car payment there appears to be a new option; auto loan modification. The government is not involved (yet) and there is no special 800 hope number to call, but auto loan default rates are reaching levels where lenders are willing to make deals. A letter that I received this week from a young man just graduating from college outlined his desperate situation involving an auto loan with a 22 percent interest rate. To make matters worse, he owes $11,000 more on the vehicle than what it is worth. He literally sees no way... Read more →