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Should Both Parents Work Outside The Home?

The Leave It To Beaver Family is now just a memory. Many of us grew up in an era where it was the exception to the rule if both a mother and father in a family were working outside the home. When a new baby arrives, the question of whether or not it makes sense for one spouse to stay home becomes paramount. I will leave the social and moral aspects of this issue to experts on the family such as Dr. James Dobson. This is not an easy decision, and I know that every family has its own unique... Read more →

Booking A Hotel Online? Let The Buyer Beware

As the economy makes it more and more difficult for hotels to book rooms, some properties have stooped to some very unethical practices. Since most hotel bookings are now done online, it is very easy to deceive unsuspecting travelers. Some hotels make exaggerated claims about how close they are to the beach, or the hot tourist attraction in town, others are now posting doctored pictures in an effort to get your travel dollar. One online travel site,, has been gaining popularity as a travel site by posting ‘undoctored photographs’ of hotel properties. Oyster users are encouraged to contribute by... Read more →

Home Security On A Budget: Avoiding Monthly Monitoring Fees

Few people disagree with the idea that having a home alarm system is a wise move, especially if you live in an area that is experiencing increasing incidents of burglary. With monthly monitoring ranging from $30 to as much as $47 per month, the cost of a traditional home security system has become an issue for many families. This article will address money saving alternatives to the big name home security companies. 1. What Are Your Security Needs? Each family must assess their own security situation and realize that there is no one size fits all answer to this issue.... Read more →

Tax Advice: Waiting For Your Refund? Need An Extension Of Time To File?

The end of tax season is upon us; at least for most Americans. Others are still pulling together those last minute receipts and trying to make the April 15th filing deadline. Today, I want to address some of the questions we have been receiving at Christian Money as the filing deadline draws near. 1. How Can I Find Out The Status Of My Tax Refund? The IRS has set up a special web page for taxpayers to track the status of their refund. The service is aptly called, Where’s My Refund. The following information from your tax return will be... Read more →