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Watch Out For Census Scams

Every ten years the population of the United States is counted.  Called the Census, the process is used to determine the proper allocation of Congressional seats, electoral votes, and funding of government programs.   

1.  The Census Will Not Use e Mail

If you receive an e mail from anyone suggesting they need to obtain information from you on behalf of the Census, you can delete it with 100 percent confidence that it is not legitimate.  The Census form can not be completed online, so if you get a link to fill out the form online do not click on it. 

 2.  Census Workers Will Not Need Your Social Security Number or Banking Information

If you are asked for your Social Security number, bank account number, credit card number, do not provide this information.  Legitimate Census workers will not ask for this information.

3.  Census Workers Will Not Ask To Enter Your Home

All Census workers will wear visible identification and will not ask to enter your home.  Furthermore, Census workers will only show up at your home if you do not mail back the Census forms that come during the mid to end of March.

4.  You Will Not Be Asked For Money From A Census Worker

No, the government has not decided to have Census workers pick up your student loan payment or overdue tax debt.  If anyone asks you for money claiming to work for the Census, they are a scam artist.

5.  WhatChristian Online Business Will They Ask You?

The forms will ask 10 questions relating to name, gender, age, race ethnicity and home ownership.  The questions are supposed to take no more than 10 minutes to answer.  Here are the Census questions.  No one will be required during this Census to fill out the dreaded long form which was thirty eight pages in 2000.

6.  Can I Refuse To Answer Census Questions?

Refusing to answer Census questions is against the law and you may be fined up to $5,000 (although there is very little historical evidence of the Census Bureau following through on these fines).

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