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Big Changes Coming For College Financial Aid Programs

Most people did not realize that major and sweeping changes to college financial aid were included in the recent health care law that was passed a few days ago. Why was college financial aid addressed in the the health care law? I am not sure, and can’t seem to find a reasonable answer anywhere. I guess the reason our elected representatives did this was because they could. I have personally given up on understanding the process by which laws are passed in Washington. As I did last week, I will offer you my analysis of these changes despite the fact... Read more →

Immediate Benefits Of Health Care Law

On Tuesday of this week, historic health care reform became law. As most people are aware, the more than 2,000 page law is extremely complex and is phased in over a period of several years. It goes without saying that Christians and political conservatives have much to object to in this new law (especially the abortion provisions, which are promised to be repealed). But since it has now passed, Christian Money wanted to uncover what the immediate benefits will be within the first year. We support some elements of health insurance reform, such as provisions to make coverage more accessible... Read more →

Should A Christian Walk Away From Their Mortgage?

The buzz phrase in the financial world in recent weeks has been ‘strategic default.’ An article in the Wall Street Journal, Walk Away From Your Mortgage has turned the issue of bailing out on your mortgage into a national discussion. According to recent statistics, more than 11 million homeowners are currently underwater (the amount that they owe on their mortgage exceeds the value of their home). Some analysts are predicting that this will be the case with as many as one out of every two homes within one year! About three years ago, during the beginning phase of the real... Read more →

Every ten years the population of the United States is counted. Called the Census, the process is used to determine the proper allocation of Congressional seats, electoral votes, and funding of government programs. 1. The Census Will Not Use e Mail If you receive an e mail from anyone suggesting they need to obtain information from you on behalf of the Census, you can delete it with 100 percent confidence that it is not legitimate. The Census form can not be completed online, so if you get a link to fill out the form online do not click on it.... Read more →