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The New Credit Card Law

A new law went into effect on Monday of this week to put a stop to what many have called ‘predatory practices’ engaged in by the credit card industry. I have mixed feelings about these kinds of laws. I am very much a Libertarian and believe that the government should not be micro managing private enterprise, but the credit card industry has really gone too far in recent years. The variety of fees they have invented, not to mention interest rates as high as 30 percent, all seem to have pushed Congress over the edge. These changes appear to be... Read more →

Do You Need Pet Health Insurance?

This is my dog Sport and I love him very much. Most of the day he lays at my feet in my home office while I am working. My family is fortunate that Sport has had very few medical issues. We have had him since he was a puppy and he is now 12. I was listening to a financial talk show this past week and a caller raised the question of ‘pet insurance’ as she began to describe a $3,000 knee procedure that her dog was in need of. I was very interested. First, since I did not know... Read more →

How To Make Money As Online Juror

At Christian Money, we focus on making money, saving money, and avoiding scams. This week, I will be writing about a new and very interesting topic to me; how to make money being an online juror. If you are someone that enjoys following legal cases, and your favorite TV shows are Greta, Nancy Grace, Geraldo, The People’s Court, and Judge Judy, this might be right up your alley. The idea is straightforward enough; lawyers take the facts of a particular legal case and then test them out on a mock jury. This may set the strategy for a trial, or... Read more →