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Need A Job? Your Uncle Is Hiring

We are in a recession and unemployment is more than 10 percent in most states, but there is good news; your uncle is hiring.  The United States Government continues to march ahead with massive hiring.   While that may not be good news for those concerned about our sky-rocketing national debt, the silver lining for some may be in finding a government job.  It is also interesting to note that veterans and people with disabilities enjoy an advantage in the hiring process.


The procedure for obtaining a government job has been a tedious one in years gone by, but has become much easier thanks to the Internet.  Now, from the comfort of your own home you can browse thousands of available government jobs worldwide.  USA Jobs provides an easy to use online portal for searching government job openings.  Most people (including me) think of Washington, DC when the idea of working for the government comes to mind.  The truth is, however, that these jobs are available across the nation and worldwide.  Check out the very user friendly Info Center that breaks down the process of applying step-by-step.


Government Job Scams
There is no reason to pay for a list of government jobs.  All federal jobs are advertised and appear on the USA Jobs website.  There are plenty of companies trying to sell such lists; don’t waste your money.

Here is a sampling of job openings available now from select U.S. cities other than Washington, DC.

San Antonio 1,351

Philadelphia 820

Atlanta 669

Chicago 491

Jacksonville (FL) 611

New Orleans 564

Miami 473

Working As An Independent For The Government
If you are self employed, there are thousands of opportunities to work for the government through contract arrangements.  Fed Biz Opps provides a listing of available government contract opportunities.  The current number of opportunities listed as of today is more than 22,000!  The site also provides a number of informative videos about how the process works.


2010 Census Jobs
Hundreds of thousands will be hired as temporal workers this year to assist in the 2010 Census.  You can earn $11.75 per hour (or more depending on your area), plus a generous mileage allowance for your vehicle expenses.  The Census Jobs website has an excellent FAQ page that is worth taking a look at.  The jobs last for about 14 weeks and will begin in March (but apply now if you are interested).

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