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The 7 Questions Everyone Asks During Tax Season

Being a financial guy, I regularly hear from my friends and acquaintances each year about their preferred method of filing their tax return. Most people still utilize the services of a tax preparer and do not brave the completion of a tax return on their own. I can certainly understand that choice, especially with the complex nature of our tax code. Today, I will address some of the most frequent questions that I am asked during tax season. 1. Should You Consider Preparing Your Own Tax Return? If you have a fairly simple tax situation and basic computer skills, you... Read more →

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill

The world of communication is rapidly changing before our eyes. We are in the midst of what is being called convergence, (the merging of technology and media). Before long the computer, TV, phone, and Internet will all be merged into one appliance. During the last two years, the cell phone has become not just a means of making phone calls, but also a very common method of surfing the Internet, using e Mail, watching TV, and listening to music on demand. All of this in the palm of your hand! Dick Tracy would be jealous of what we have. Today,... Read more →

We are in a recession and unemployment is more than 10 percent in most states, but there is good news; your uncle is hiring. The United States Government continues to march ahead with massive hiring. While that may not be good news for those concerned about our sky-rocketing national debt, the silver lining for some may be in finding a government job. It is also interesting to note that veterans and people with disabilities enjoy an advantage in the hiring process. The procedure for obtaining a government job has been a tedious one in years gone by, but has become... Read more →

What We Can Learn From The Top Scams Of 2009

The Better Business Bureau and other consumer organizations have published their list of Top Scams for 2009. It was interesting to review these lists and compare them against the e-mails we received last year at Christian If you have fallen victim to one of these scams, or perhaps a scam that is not on the list, please use the space below to share your story. Government agencies are typically very slow to respond when a new scam is launched. The best thing that we can all do is to spread the word as quickly as possible on a new... Read more →