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5 Ways To Find Lost Money

As hard as this is to believe, there is an estimated 35 billion dollars in unclaimed funds in the United States.  The source of these funds ranges from forgotten bank accounts to unclaimed lawsuit proceeds and everything in between.  What this article will not do is to ask you to pay a fee to find your lost money.  There is no reason to pay for this information, since you can get it for free. 

While preparing this article I ran across some very interesting news stories about the topic of lost money.  San Diego County just pocketed more than a half a million dollars in unclaimed funds after an October deadline passed without the money being claimed.  The State of New Jersey just used 1.5 million in unclaimed funds to help people that could not pay their utility bills.  Just do a quick search in Google news for “unclaimed funds” and the stories are endless.  The State of Ohio is sitting on 60 million in unclaimed funds from lawsuit settlements that have never been claimed!  I have personlly found hundreds in lost money over the years, but my brother-in-law found a lost account with more than $7,000 in it!

How To Find Your Share Of Lost Money

1.  Searching Your State Database
The best free search tool is NAUPA.  From this one site you can search all state unclaimed funds databases.  Do not just search in the state where you live, but also search in every state that you have ever resided or had any business dealings in.  If you were the beneficiary of an inheritance, be sure and do a search under the deceased’s name in all states where they lived and may have done business.

2.  Lost Federal Funds
Each year 25,000 payments are returned to the U.S. Treasury as undeliverable and billions of dollars in savings bonds have stopped earning interest, but haven’t been cashed.  To search for lost federal funds from the U.S. Treasury, go to their
official search site.  This site also provides a link to search for lost mortgage insurance premiums associated with a government insured mortgage that may have been paid off.

3.  Lost Life Insurance Policies
If you have lost a life insurance policy that has a cash value, or if you are the beneficiary of a life insurance policy you can not locate, there is a service offered through the
Medical Information Bureau that is very helpful for this purpose.

4.  Lost Pensions
You may be entitled to pension benefits from a former employer.  Just as mentioned above, this can also apply to any benefits owed to an estate of which you are a beneficiary.  The
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation offers a free online search for lost pensions.

5.  Local Counties
It may be a bit more difficult, but you should also contact the county offices of any county you have lived in during the past five years.  Many local counties are not as up to speed as the state databases and may require you to submit a written request for them to do a search rather than having a convenient online database.  If you owned property, or operated a business in that county it would be worth a few minutes to at least inquire about any potential lost money.

Have you every found lost money?  Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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