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How To Survive Black Friday

I am making this post to my blog today with exactly one month to Christmas. Several years ago, a man called during my nationally syndicated radio show and told me that one year he had no money to buy Christmas gifts for his family. He explained that he and his wife and his children all agreed to write a letter to each family member sharing what they appreciated and loved about that person in lieu of any gifts that Christmas. As the man’s voice began to crack as he was overcome by emotion, he explained that this was the greatest... Read more →

How To Cash In On The Boom In Auctions

One area of the economy that is booming is auctions. Of course, with the spike in foreclosures there are countless auctions of real estate occurring around the country. There are also auctions related to repossessed vehicles, unpaid storage locker fees, property seized by state and federal governments, and also many people just deciding to sell personal items to raise cash. 1. Bid 4 Assets Bid 4 Assets offers a wide variety of categories, including real estate, vehicles, coins, collectibles, financial instruments, jewelry, and memorabilia. From the Bid 4 Assets website: “Government agencies and an extensive community of private sellers rely... Read more →

Is It Time To Cash In Your Gold Jewelry?

With the price of gold over $1,100, many people are taking a serious look at their jewelry box. There are countless ads on radio and television promoting companies that buy gold. Typically, these companies will purchase anything made of gold since they are going to refine it. The concept is simple; you may have broken, mismatched, or unneeded gold jewelry that can be melted down by a refiner and you get paid cash. We have received quite a few e-mails from people asking the best method to sell their gold. How do they find a reputable company that they can... Read more →

Save Hundreds, Maybe Thousands, By Challenging Your Property Taxes

They say there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud. In our current economic recession, it is getting harder and harder to find any silver linings. During the last three years, real estate prices have plummeted. What is interesting to note, is that despite much lower real estate prices many people have not seen any reduction in their real estate taxes. Today, I want to discuss the step-by-step process of determining if you are eligible for a tax cut based on the current market value of your home. Your county real estate taxes pay for essential services provided... Read more →