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The Latest In The World Of Rewards, Discount, and Cash Back Programs

Over the years, my opinion of rewards programs has been all over the map. There were times when I was very excited and involved with certain programs and other times I had absolutely no interest. My view has always been if can I get cash back or rewards on purchases that also make good financial sense, why not? As an example, I would never pass up the best airfare deal simply to keep building points with a certain airline. I do know people that are rewards fanatics that live and die by the programs that they participate in. I have... Read more →

How To Print Your Own Money Without Going To Jail

I stumbled across an article this past week about the town of Ithaca, New York. The town began printing their own money in 1991, called Ithaca Hours. Ithaca is not alone; Detroit, Traverse City, and the Berkshire Region of Massachusetts, are among many areas that have printed their own currency. The idea is for people to spend their money where they earn it. If you are paid a portion of your wages in a local currency, you would spend it in the community where it is honored, right? And yes, it is totally legal. USA Today, Communities Printing Their Own... Read more →

How Will You Retire If Social Security & Your Pension Go Broke?

“The Social Security trustees’ latest report moves up the system’s insolvency date by four years, to 2037. Medicare’s hospital fund runs out of money in 2017, two years sooner than expected.” St. Louis Dispatch (May 12, 2009) The alarming announcement was recently made that Social Security will begin paying out more money than it takes in within the next three to five years. Since Social Security is a ‘pay as you go’ system (otherwise known to the rest of us as a Ponzi Scheme), this means that the foundation of our country’s retirement system is beginning to crumble. Once this... Read more →

The Great Bank Robbery

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about bank fees. I stirred up a hornet's nest and have received countless e mails from individuals that are very upset about problems with their bank. Today, I want to do a follow up on my prior article and also address some new issues on this topic. 1. Debit Card Overdraft Fees This is by far the number one topic of complaints I have been receiving. Without telling you, most banks will put in place an overdraft ‘benefit’ on your debit card. What this does is allows charges to go through when you... Read more →