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Wallet Self Defense - 7 Ways To Keep Criminals Out Of Your Pocket

Perhaps one of the most upsetting circumstances anyone can be in is the loss of a wallet or purse. We have all heard the stories of online criminals stealing credit card numbers, one can only imagine what level of damage they could do if in possession of the actual card itself. I am not going to address how to physically protect your wallet or purse, I will leave that to a security expert. Instead, I will outline for you a plan of wallet self defense. If you are unable to find your wallet within a very short period of time... Read more →

How People Are Making Money Working Online

One of the most common complaints that we receive is from individuals that have been taken advantage of by one form or another of a "work from home opportunity." I imagine that the idea of working from home is so appealing that you could wrap just about any business opportunity inside that promise and generate a large amount of interest. I can share with you from my own personal experience that working from home is much more enjoyable than being an office environment (at least for me). For about 20 years I worked in a typical office, woke up early,... Read more →

Is Your Bank Safe? The Feds Take Over 7 More Banks Just Last Week

Last week Federal Regulators took over another 7 banks, brining this year’s total to 52. This is already double the number of bank closings from all of last year. FDIC Failed Bank List According to news reports, the FDIC had to pay out over 300 million just to keep these 7 banks from becoming insolvent. Watch This Shocking 60 Minutes Report After the stock crash of 1929 and over a thousand bank failures, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Congress created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 1933. The purpose was to provide a federal government guarantee of deposits... Read more →