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It has been fascinating to watch the implosion of the mortgage marketplace over the last five years. What has been even more interesting is how the industry and the government has dealt with the mortgage meltdown. We have heard the announcement of countless mortgage modification programs, most of which have turned out to be far too confusing and restrictive and helped just a small percentage of troubled homeowners.  With the banking industry in its worst position since the Great Depression, the process of obtaining a loan modification is becoming much easier in recent months.  There are also new government financial incentives being offered to banks as well.  While the prospect of getting approved for a loan modification is better than ever before, it is still extremely cumbersome and intimidating.  Troubled homeowners are more confused than ever and find little help from the various toll-free numbers that have the words HOPE in them.  

The phrase mortgage modification, which was at one time an obscure concept, has become a burgeoning industry. With the increasing complexity involved with renegotiating a home loan, many consumers don't know where to turn for help. In the last two to three years there have been thousands of consultancies opened throughout the United States offering various levels of assistance on mortgage modifications. Some of these firms charge hundreds, others were charging thousands. In recent months, this new industry has received somewhat of a black eye from the media, and many states are now going to great lengths to shut them down. The mortgage modification industry is unregulated for the most part and falls between the cracks of state licensing and regulation.  Many states are riddled with dozens of dishonest loan modification firms collecting large upfront fees from unsuspecting consumers who end up getting little or no help. The latest craze has been law firms hanging out their shingle offering assistance in the area of mortgage modifications. For most homeowners already several months behind on their mortgage, they simply cannot afford to hire a law firm. So, what is a person to do?



At Christian we made a decision about three months ago to begin the process of creating a do-it–yourself mortgage modification kit. The idea was simple; provide homeowners with a step-by-step outline of the mortgage modification process and all of the forms and worksheets necessary to successfully renegotiate their loan. Included in our package is a one-hour video that covers every detail of the process. We took great care to be sure that our materials were up to date and reflected the most recent changes enacted by the current Obama administration. We even went so far as to include several scripts which outline exactly what people should say when calling their lender. I issued a press release about a week ago announcing the availability of this new program

I rarely write an article promoting one of my own products; in this case I had to make an exception. From the countless e-mails that we receive on a daily basis from Christians facing foreclosure, I can only conclude that this is a crisis for more than just a handful of people. In fact, the latest statistics show that one in eight homeowners are currently behind on their mortgage. The problem, which was limited at one time to the so-called subprime mortgage market, has now spread to borrowers with A quality credit.

I don't believe that you will find a more complete and comprehensive program available anywhere, especially at this price.  Please pass along this information to your friends and neighbors. There are a lot of hurting people that need this help and simply don't know where to get it.

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