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Is It Time To Cash In Your Gold Jewelry?

With the price of gold reaching nearly $1000 again, many people are taking a serious look at their jewelry box. There are countless ads on radio and television promoting companies that buy gold. Typically, these companies will purchase anything made of gold since they are going to refine it. The concept is simple; you may have broken, mismatched, or unneeded gold jewelry that can be melted down by a refiner and you get paid cash. We have received quite a few e-mails from people asking the best method to sell their gold. How do they find a reputable company that... Read more →

What Does The Closure Of Hundreds of GM and Chrysler Dealers Mean To You?

1. Is My Dealership Closing? Chrysler Dealers Closing GM Dealers Closing If your dealer is one of those being closed, I would highly recommend that you make contact with a dealer that has survived the cut as soon as possible. It is likely that there will be much longer lines and greater wait times for service as the number of Chrysler and GM dealerships are reduced. If you have any warranty work that needs to be done now, I would get that completed as quickly as possible. 2. Wrap Up Your “Dealer Specific” Issues Right Away GM Dealerships slated to... Read more →

What To Do When A Debt Collector Crosses The Line

Check Out Jim's Latest Podcast At Christian we receive hundreds of e-mails per month from people being pressured by debt collectors. I believe that as Christians we should all pay our debts if we have the ability to do so. In this current economy, however, there are many people that simply can not make their debt payments. Although most Americans are not familiar with it, there is a federal law known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that provides a wide array of rights to consumers dealing with collection agencies. There are also laws in most states regulating... Read more →

What Does the Chrysler Bankruptcy Mean To You?

Check Out Jim’s Latest Live Podcast We have been warned for months now that the bankruptcy of any of the big three auto manufacturers would have widespread consequences for the entire economy. Last week, Chrysler officially filed for a reorganization bankruptcy. The idea behind a reorganization is for a company to be able to restructure its debts and resume its operations. In some cases, over time, many companies are able to emerge from a reorganization stronger and more viable. In other cases, the companies do not succeed and they are liquidated. No one knows which will happen with Chrysler. I... Read more →