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How To Live Like A King On A Pauper's Income

I had the opportunity this past Saturday night to see Doc Severinsen in concert. Do you remember Doc? The trumpet player and sidekick to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show? Since I started playing the trumpet at the age of 10, Doc Severinsen has been one of my heroes. He is someone I have always wanted to meet and I had my chance to do so last Saturday night. I was in the Tonight Show audience back in 1986 and saw Doc perform. I also saw him again about three years ago in Naples Florida. I was never able to... Read more →

How To Create A Family Budget That Works

Probably one of the most frequent questions I have received at my financial seminars has been about how to create an effective family budget. The concept is simple, but most people are unable to create a budget that actually works. Today, I want to discuss the concept of budgeting and some of the different methods I have seen people use over the years that have been successful. Before even getting into the whole topic of budgeting, I think we all have to ask why? Why should we have a budget? Why should we stick to our budget? What difference will... Read more →

How To Earn An Online College Degree

As unemployment continues to rise nationwide, many people have made the decision to go back to school. What if you are simply not in a position to take off several months or years from work to finish your degree or earn a degree in a completely new field? A popular option that has now become legitimized is online education. Online education offers a great amount of flexibility for those that have full-time jobs, families, and just do not have the time to pursue a traditional on-campus education. My wife finished her master's degree in adult education about a year ago.... Read more →

3 Steps To Lowering Your Real Estate Taxes

They say there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud. In our current economic recession, it is getting harder and harder to find any silver linings. During the last three years, real estate prices have plummeted. What is interesting to note, is that despite much lower real estate prices many people have not seen any reduction in their real estate taxes. Today, I want to discuss the step-by-step process of determining if you are eligible for a tax cut based on the current market value of your home. Your county real estate taxes pay for essential services provided... Read more →